System 1 |  Alfa Romeo F1: Bottas hopes to ‘boost’ thanks to updates

System 1 | Alfa Romeo F1: Bottas hopes to ‘boost’ thanks to updates

Valtteri Bottas has had a difficult race of late but the Alfa Romeo F1 driver will be hoping to bounce back in the points and improve. Indeed, his C42 will benefit from a new part this weekend for the Hungarian Grand Prix, which he hopes to take advantage of.

“It’s been positive overall, apart from the last two races. We haven’t scored as well as we wanted but it’s been a good start to the season for the team, and it’s a good foundation for the future.” explains Finn.

“I hope France was just an exception. We will have parts, we haven’t had them for a long time and there will be some here, at least for one car, and hopefully it will be an addition” continues Finn, confirming. that he will benefit from it. “Yeah that’s the plan.”

He wants to be optimistic, having seen the operation of other reforms on the C42: “Every part brought to the car this year worked as expected, that’s great and I hope it will be the same this weekend.”

The results of this first part of the season are still mixed, with good performances but results below potential. Bottas, however, has faith in his side’s long-term vision.

“We lost points because of reliability issues. That’s it, we can’t get those points back. But we’re looking at the future, and we want to develop things in the long term. It’s our project, we lost points but there are more to come.”