Swimming while your Tesla is charging is possible!

Swimming while your Tesla is charging is possible!

In Germany, a large Tesla charging station that already offers catering is offering access to a swimming pool this summer, as a trial. Thoughts on staying at Tesla?

In the small town of Hilden, near Düsseldorf in Germany, there is a large payment center. Launched by a baker, Tesla Roadster owner and early fan of the Californian brand, this place already includes around forty Tesla and Fastned (Dutch fast charging network) stations under a roof made of photovoltaic panels. This place also has a restaurant area with fresh cakes and pizza. But that’s not all!

Several social media posts showed a picture ofTesla’s swimming pool, a sign that the brand may be trying to deploy new operations to its Supercharger network. Unless it’s the property owner who has decided to propose this new concept… The fact remains that an outdoor swimming pool emblazoned with the Tesla logo is on site for part of August, in testing.

10 minute slots have been changed for faster charging

A video posted by David from the Tesla Welt Podcast on YouTube shows the dam being installed. According to our colleagues for Electrekwho seem to know the broadcaster well, the opening is scheduled for the same day as the Tesla Cyber ​​Roundup event (annual meeting of shareholders), this August 4.

According to the video, this pool was made from a container. According to a small sign posted on the edge of the swimming pool, will be available to Charger customers in groups of four at a time, and in 10-minute increments only. Hard enough to load your car! The swimming pool, temporarily set up from August 4 to 28, will be open Thursday through Sunday from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Image: Tesla World Podcast.

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