Suzuki Shield Pikes Peak will be added to Gran Turismo 7

Suzuki Shield Pikes Peak will be added to Gran Turismo 7

Creator of the Gran Turismo racing game series, Kazunori Yamauchi, drops a teaser of the cars that will be added to the game a week before the update is released. The latest teaser reveals that a fan favorite will return in GT7: the Suzuki Shield Pikes Peak.

This is just one of three cars that will be added. The other two silhouettes are the racing version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo and the third model appears to be a hot model based on the Ford 32. This is the third addition of cars in Gran Turismo 7.


The Suzuki Escudo Pikeas Peak is a beast built for the famous mountain climbing with a V6 2.7 biturbo engine with more than 1,000 hp. He made history in GT2 by going undefeated in a race, even more so if the player makes the available car upgrades.

The update will come on the eve of this year’s edition of the Pikes Peak climb, and a track is expected to be added. What appears to be the addition of this location as the setting for the Scapes mode, as the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo add-on in May featured in-game promotional footage shot on the famous mountain.

The official announcement of the update will be during this week, and the update will reach users on Friday (24). In addition to three possible new track cars, usability updates will come to users.

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