Suzuki says he “discussed with Dorna the possibility” of leaving MotoGP at 22 – MotoGP News

Suzuki says he “discussed with Dorna the possibility” of leaving MotoGP at 22 – MotoGP News


Suzuki, finally, officially spoke about the departure of MotoGP. After days of silence, the Japanese manufacturer issued a press release this Thursday (12) in which it says that it is discussing with Dorna, the promoter of the MotoGP World Championship, “the possibility of ending participation in MotoGP at the end of 2022”.

The Hamamatsu car manufacturer surprised everyone on the last day of 2 when it gathered the workers during the test day in Jerez de la Frontera and presented the decision to leave the World Premier class. motorcycle speed at the end of the year. The broadcaster then informed the company, as the contract valid until the end of 2026 does not allow this type of decision to be taken in this way.

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Suzuki surprised staff with decision to leave (Image: Disclosure / MotoGP)

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After several days in complete silence, Suzuki only revealed himself in the night of the French doctor, but with an incomprehensible statement, since at the same time it considers leaving as a “possibility”, it also takes a chance to start. thank you staff and fans.

The ten-day Japanese factory silence coincided with one of Japan’s most important national holidays, Golden Week, [semana dourada, no português]which brings together four commemorative dates: Showa, Constitution, Green and Children’s Day, which takes place between April 29 and May 5.

“Suzuki Motor Corporation is discussing with Dorna the possibility of terminating its participation MotoGP at the end of 2022″, he began. “Unfortunately, the current state of the economy and the need to focus efforts on the major changes that the automotive world is facing in these years forces Suzuki to direct the costs of developing new technologies”, he justified.

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to our Suzuki Ecstar team, to all those who have supported Suzuki’s motorcycle racing activities over the years, and to all the fans who have given us their sincere support.”

The statement, however, does not provide details about the decisions. According to the Italian website GPOne, the decision to leave MotoGP it came from the Suzuki Board of Directors and against the wishes of the current president, who was voted out.

According to British newspaper The Race, the contract between Dorna and Suzuki provides for an “astronomical” fine for leaving the carmaker after just one year of the contract, which was renewed last year and valid between 2022 and 2026. published, this penalty. decreases year after year.

The decision to leave MotoGP it directly affects the fate of Joan Mir and Álex Rins, who were not only negotiating the extension of their current contracts, but even about to sign a new contract. Now, like all other employees, the two need to find a professional replacement.

The agent of the 2020 champion, Paco Sánchez revealed in an interview with the Italian website GPOne that, the day before the announcement in Jerez, the team reached out to Mir to reassure him and say that talks with his manager were going well. According to the Spaniard, Joan was shocked by the announcement.

As soon as Suzuki spoke, riders took to social media to speak out as well. With a photo of the year’s name, Mir wrote, “You guys are the best! Always in my heart!”

Álex Rins chose a carousel with three pictures of the party and the team and a simpler quote, just a blue heart, the color of the team.

Frankie Carchedi, head of the Joan Mir team, used Twitter to send a message to Suzuki fans: “We will go forward to the last race and fight to the end! To friends, colleagues and competitors, thank you for the messages and love”, he concluded.

If confirmed, this would not be the first time Suzuki has dropped out of the premier class. In 2011, the automaker withdrew from the World Championship, where it had raced since 1974 and amassed titles with names like Barry Sheene, Marco Lucchinelli, Franco Uncini, Kevin Schwantz and Kenny Roberts Jr.

At that time, Suzuki blamed the financial crisis of 2008, but he left promising to return, which he did effectively in 2015. The first victory of this new era came the following year, in the hands of Maverick Viñales, but the title fell only in 2020. , with Mr.

In 2022, thanks to the more competitive GSX-RR, Rins and Mir are the main characters and lead the World Team Championship with 125 points, 16 more than the Aprilia of Aleix Espargaró and Viñales.

On May 11, Suzuki announced financial results for the 2021 fiscal year ― between April 2021 and March 2022. According to a document posted on the company’s website, “Net sales increased, operating profit decreased, mainly due to price increases of raw materials. However, “in fiscal year 2022, net sales and operating income are expected to increase.”

“From April 2021 to March 2022, net sales increased by ¥390.2 billion (approximately R$15.6 billion) ― 12.3% ― to ¥3,568.4 billion (approximately R$140.4 million) compared to the previous year, when business performance declined due to Covid-19 -19 pandemic. Operating profit decreased ¥2.9 billion (R$114.1 million) ― 1.5% ― to ¥191.5 billion (R$7.5 billion) year-on-year (YoY), mainly due to higher raw material prices. Normal profit increased ¥14.6 billion (R$574.5 million) ― 5.9% ― to ¥262.9 billion (R$10.3 billion) for the year, mainly due to improved financial income Profit attributable to owners of the parent company increased ¥13.9 billion (R$546.9 million) ― 9.5% ― to ¥160.3 billion (R$6.3 billion) for the year. The company plans an annual dividend of 91 yen (BRL 3.58) per share ― an increase of 1 yen (BRL 0.03) year over year,” reads a summary of financial results for the financial year 2021.

Looking at the Suzuki business separately, the balance sheet shows that the auto business is facing more problems.

“With the continued impact of production declines, gross sales decreased ¥21.4 billion (R$842 million) ― 2.3% ― to ¥893.4 billion (R$35 billion) Y/Y, and operating profit decreased ¥8.3 billion (R $326.6 million) ― 18.2% ― to ¥37.1 billion (R$1.4 billion) YoY, mainly due to higher raw material prices ”, show operating results broken down by segment.

In terms of the motorcycle business, the text shows that “net sales increased by ¥8.7 billion (R$342.3 million) ― 14.1% ― to ¥69.8 billion (R$2.7 billion) A/A, mainly due to the expansion of sales of state-of-the-art models as high as Hayabusa. However, operating profit decreased by ¥2.3 billion (R$90.5 million) ― 59.5% ― to ¥1.7 billion (R$59 million) Y/Y, mainly due to higher raw material prices. -cousin”.


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