Suzuki reveals that the new Grand Vitara and SUV could return to Brazil with electric power

Suzuki reveals that the new Grand Vitara and SUV could return to Brazil with electric power

THE Suzuki you have been exposed in India the new generation Grand Vitara, which returns in a modern and electric version. This time, a compact SUV is born on a platform designed together with Toyotawhich has already presented its model called Urban Cruiser Hyrider. In the Indian market, the two are targeting Hyundai Cretewhich is the best-selling SUV in the Asian country.

Although it is the successor of the Vitara in some markets, the new SUV will replace the S-Cross in India – if the style was not renewed there. Production is expected to start soon at Toyota’s Bidadi plant. But the automaker did not reveal the price.

Disclosure / Suzuki

For Brazil, the Toyota model is still unknown, but the new Grand Vitara looks like an excellent alternative to the renewal of the Suzuki range here. It is worth noting that, in the Brazilian market, the brand has recently removed the Vitara and S-Cross, and has already announced that it expects to bring new hybrid SUVs in the coming months.

Two hybrid options

As we said inside Car magazine, the Grand Vitara comes with two mechanics options. The first has a small set of hybrids, called “Progressive Smart Hybrid”. This connects a 1.5 petrol engine to 12 volt electric. The battery is small and has 6 amps. In this way, it produces 101 hp of power and 13.5 mkgf of torque. Transmission can be manual five-speed or six-speed automatic, and traction, front or wheel drive. In addition, there are paddles behind the steering wheel for manual changes, as well as a brake system that returns energy to the battery.

Disclosure / Suzuki

Next comes the full hybrid option, called “Intelligent Electric Storage”. In this case, there is a 92 hp 1.5-liter gasoline engine coupled to a 48V electric drive. Along with that, it produces a power of 114 hp and 14.1 mkgf of torque. The traction is front and transmission, brand CVT. With a large battery, the new SUV offers 25 kilometers of autonomy in 100% electric mode. In addition, there are four driving modes: EV, Eco, Power and Normal.

A new visual identity

Although it has the same dimensions as the Toyota Hyryder, the Suzuki Grand Vitara differs in appearance, especially at the front. It has a more sporty style, with creases on the hood. The headlights are divided into two levels and the daytime running lights are narrow. In turn, the grid is quite large and has a Dark Chrome finish with three-dimensional elements.

Disclosure / Suzuki

The sides are the same as the Toyota brother. However, contrary to what was expected, the background brings its features. As it is, for example, with integrated headlights – the trend of the newest SUVs. Turn signals and rear lights are placed in a vertical position. Regarding dimensions, the SUV promises a good space, with a length of 4.34 m and a width of 1.79 m and a height of 1.65 m, with a wheelbase of 2.60 m.


In the cabin, there are several similarities with the Toyota Hyryder. This is the case, for example, of the panoramic sunroof and leather-covered seats and dashboard, with soft-touch surfaces. There are color options in the finish, such as burgundy and black. Touch sensitive multimedia is a floating type and is 9 inches. According to Suzuki, it has the latest brand system, with more than 40 functions, including voice command. The instrument panel is 100% digital and is 7”. More expensive versions have a Head-Up display.

Disclosure / Suzuki

The Grand Vitara promises to be more technological than the Hyryder, with things like wireless charging for smartphones and a 360° camera. In addition, the SUV is capable of semi-autonomous driving (ADAS). However, the Toyota SUV will have full hybrid versions instead of the mild 48V systems. We look forward to a shared experience.

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