Suzuki Jimny is discontinued in Brazil

Suzuki Jimny is discontinued in Brazil

An old project, the version was developed in Brazil since 2013 and left the region this year – Photo: Leo Sposito / Disclosure

A light man in the streets of Rio Grande do Norte, especially due to the possibility of offering off-road performances, Suzuki Jimny, which was produced in Brazil since 2013, said goodbye to the assembly lines. Made here by the HPE Automotores group in the city of Catalão, in Goiás – 260 km from Goiânia – at first, the model was produced in Anápolis (GO), several years later it was assembled in Catalão, in the same category where models from Japan. Mitsubishi.

One of the main reasons that led the group to stop making jeeps is the new emissions restrictions of the Vehicle Emission Control Program (Proconve) L7, which came into force at the beginning of this year. To adapt the engine to the new needs, investments will be necessary whose costs cannot be justified, since it is a niche model with a small sales volume.

The decision, which was already expected by the specialized media and did not cause much surprise, had an impact in the national and foreign media. Carscoops Northern Portal was one of those who talked about the end of production of the model. “Now, the production of the Brazilian model has stopped, which marks the end of the road for the old Jimny”, he posted.

However, as of the close of this report, the usage was still being displayed on the Brazilian brand’s website. The group representing the brand in Brazil says that some stores still have the model in stock. But when they are wrong. Even at Suzuki, compact 4×4 fans will have the option of the Jimny Sierra, which starts at R$156,990 for the 4You version with manual transmission and can reach R$179,990 for the 4Style with automatic transmission.