Suzuki Haojue NK 150 is the new choice for BRL 17,597

Suzuki Haojue NK 150 is the new choice for BRL 17,597

In a short time, Suzuki Haojue, a joint brand commissioned by the J. Toledo group, introduces the NK 150 urban model to the market, a product that is intended to compete with Honda Bros NXR 160 and Yamaha XTZ 150 Crosser.

The new motorcycle has the same look as its rivals, being offered in white, red and black, with the center section in black.

The Suzuki Haojue NK 150 has a four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with overhead camshafts and 149 cm³.

The Suzuki Haojue NK 150’s 150-cc engine, with electronic injection, produces 12 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 1.24 kgfm at 6,000 rpm.

2,070 m long, 0.825 m wide, 1,165 m long and weighing 139 kg, the NK 150 has a 12.2 liter tank.

The brand did not report the motorcycle’s average mileage or other performance data.

With sales starting in March 2022, the Suzuki Haojue NK 150 also features ABS brakes, with drum brakes at the rear and a ventilated disc brake at the front, carrying a two-piston caliper.

It is strange that the brand does not have a product with a disc on the rear wheel.

The LCD panel is fully digital and has many features, including a battery voltage alert. The bike also has a USB port for charging smartphones.

With monoshock rear suspension, front suspension with forks and high exhaust, the NK 150 also has trunk support and a light alloy handle for passengers.

The double seat is very spacious and thus provides great comfort for both occupants.

Still, its 150cc engine is much weaker than the Honda. However, it has power and torque close to the Yamaha.

However, the downside of the bike is the high price, as the Honda NXR 160 Bross ESSD costs R$ 15,790. Yamaha Crosser 150 Z starts at R$16,390.

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