Suzuki brings an upgrade to the bike with a new boss and it seems to have vitamins – MotoGP News

Suzuki brings an upgrade to the bike with a new boss and it seems to have vitamins – MotoGP News


SUZUKI DID THE MOTOGP HOLIDAY JOB RIGHT. After a duller 2021, the brand from Hamamatsu worked hard at the factory and was able to prepare a GSX-RR that puts Joan Mir and Álex Rins in better shape for the season than the World Championship. motorcycle speed kicks off this weekend in Qatar.

After ending a 20-year fast and the title was won by Mir in 2020, expectations around Suzuki were high. But things did not go as planned. The first big blow was the departure of Davide Brivio, who left to go formula 1 working with Alpine.

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Joan Mir praised Suzuki’s response to riders’ requests (Image: Disclosure / MotoGP)

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The stalwart of the team, Brivio was missed in 2021, as the Italian’s absence ended up loading Shinichi Sahara, who accumulated the position and leadership of the GSX-RR project. But Davide cannot bear the blame for the world. Not everything was a sign of his departure. The fact is that Suzuki did not keep up with the speed of improvement of other bikes. The model should not have been thrown away, he said, but there were better bikes on the grid.

However, that was not all. Rins was plunged into a similar misfortune. In addition to starring in the fall festival and even strange events – such as running into a parked car while texting on his mobile phone – the Spaniard could not even get a game, which affected the results of the team. For the entire year of 2021, his younger father Lucas scored only 99 points, contributing only 33.2 percent of the 307 goals scored by Suzuki in the Team World Cup.

Mir, on the other hand, did a little more. The reigning champion was on the podium in a third of the season’s 18 races, but failed to win. Therefore, it remains one victory in the elite of motorcycle on the profile.

In such a situation, the pilots went to pressure. Especially Mir, supported by the fact that he has been ‘carrying the team on his back’. To help, he also counted on Joan’s behalf the fact that the current contract – hers and Rins’s, by the way – expires in 2022, so she had an interesting opportunity to trade.

Álex Rins had a difficult 2021, but he did well in the pre-season (Image: Disclosure / MotoGP)

Of course, that wasn’t really necessary. Suzuki himself expected more. After a victorious campaign, the Japanese were hoping to defend the cup even harder and soon realized that not only did they need more than the GSX-RR, they also needed a new crew chief.

The pre-season tests showed immediately that the engineers had worked hard and were able to put a stronger bike on the track than the previous one, including in terms of engine power. This will certainly not be something for the pilots to complain about.

In the passage through Sepang and Mandalika, however, the question of the team leader was still open. Throughout the week, some rumors even indicated the return of Brivio, but the Italian remains with Alpine in the formula 1. Until days ago the Japanese announced Livio Suppo, former Honda and Ducati.

The Italian veteran is expected to replace Brivio. Although the two have different profiles, Suppo has experience and has managed a champion team. Livio knows how to do the job. And it will certainly take the burden off Sahara-san.

Suzuki stumbled in 2021, it’s true, but it looks like one of the most excited teams for the 2022 season. We’ll see if all this preparation pays off.

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