Suzuki and partner to start Japan to launch eVTOL

Suzuki and partner to start Japan to launch eVTOL

SkyDrive and the car manufacturer will collaborate in research, development and marketing targeting the Indian market

Suzuki and startup SkyDrive, Japan’s leading manufacturer of cargo drones, have partnered to work together on the research, development and marketing of eVTOL (Electric Takeoff and Landing Aircraft), popularly known as “flying cars”, on the market. external.

The companies will collaborate in the areas of research and technology development, planning of manufacturing systems and mass production, development of overseas markets and carbon neutral technology.

According to Suzuki, the initial target will be the market in India, a country where the automaker has around 50% of sales. The project is part of a US$1.37 billion investment plan to produce electric vehicles and batteries at its Indian plant.

The companies did not disclose the details of the joint investment, schedule or details about the target production of eVTOLs. But it won’t be long before innovation shines in the sky, as SkyDrive aims to launch its air taxi service at the 2025 World Expo, which will be held in Osaka, Japan.

Japan’s leading drone manufacturer, SkyDrive is currently developing a two-seat eVTOL model with plans for full production. It is not confirmed if this will be the same project that Suzuki will be a part of.