Suspects were identified who used a stolen Monza in the Amaro Lanari robbery

Suspects were identified who used a stolen Monza in the Amaro Lanari robbery

September 21, 2022 | 10:21

Suspects were identified who used a stolen Monza in the Amaro Lanari robbery

The images captured by the surveillance cameras were important to solve the crime.

The location of the Chevrolet Monza made it possible to identify two men for carrying out a robbery in the neighborhood of Amaro Lanari, in Coronel Fabriciano, a fact recorded last Thursday (15). The car that was stolen from the lamp was found in the neighborhood of Caravelas, Ipatinga, on Tuesday morning (20). One of the two suspects was found by the police.

The Prime Minister’s team was patrolling the Caravelas area when it was informed by officers from Colonel Fabriciano’s 58th Battalion that the car used in the robbery was an Ipatinga. The soldiers discovered that KJS, 24, owned a Monza and was a resident of Caravelas.

After learning the news, news arrived that KJ would be arrested at that time for refusing to pay the expenses, a crime committed by having snacks in a bakery and not paying for the usage. The young suspect was asked about the Monza, he confirmed that he had the car and would do body work on it.

The suspect confirmed that the car was stolen on Wednesday of last week, but it was found on Thursday night, that is, a few hours after the robbery of Amaro Lanari. KJ revealed, through information received from famous people, that the suspects of the robbery will be LPC, 32 years old, and ESF, 37.

Through security camera footage near the scene of the robbery, KJ identified the two perpetrators of the robbery as the suspects for stealing the car. The car was seized and the situation was reported to the owner of Monza, who claimed that the Prime Minister had no information about the theft and the use of his car in the theft.

The police officers followed the two suspects, but only one of them was found, LPC, who would confess to the author of the crime, the robbery from Monza and the robbery of Amaro Lanari. Apart from this confession, he would prove that ES was his partner in crime, the second person involved was not found. Since LP was no longer involved in the act, he was not arrested, but information was sent for investigation by the Civil Police.

The suspects and the car were recorded in Amaro Lanari
The theft by Monza was recorded around 10 am on Thursday (15) last week, on Bahia Street, in the neighborhood of Amaro Lanari, in Coronel Fabriciano. The victim was a 12-year-old boy, according to Diário do Aço findings. The student was approached, when he got home, by one of the writers who asked for a glass of water.

When the young man entered the house to fetch water, he was surprised by the man from the side who entered with him and after directing him to the interior of the property, the bandit announced the robbery. The robber stole three mobile phones and fled with his accomplice in a Chevrolet Monza.

The criminals were recorded by security cameras installed near the crime scene. The car, the Chevrolet Monza known as the “shark model”, had a surprising feature: sun-burnt painting.

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