Surprise, Cybertruck has very good aerodynamics

Surprise, Cybertruck has very good aerodynamics

The Tesla Cybertruck would have a better drag coefficient, compared to its other models. It is enough to silence some opponents.

Sometimes it is looked down upon, even ridiculed for its design Lift up Tesla’s may silence other opponents. In fact, with atypical lines and a very sharp appearance, what is accused of Cybertruck is not to increase the aerodynamic factor. However, even more for an electric car than a thermal one, work on the drag coefficient, that is to say wind resistance, is important to improve freedom. With its large size and angular edges, the Lift up of Elon Musk is, a priori, not the best candidate in terms of aerodynamics. But now that the Cybertruck’s design is final, German vehicle physics firm, Numeric Systems, wanted to check out the beast’s aerodynamic capabilities.

Surprise: these are very good, even very good. In fact, within the framework of a Lift up Traditionally, the coefficient of drag, or Cx, hovers between 0.55 and 0.65. For Numerical Systems, which performed CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tests on a 3D model of the Cybertruck, the Tesla image would score 0.39. Aleix Lazaro Prat, the CFD engineer in charge of the study, explains that ” Contrary to what many people may think, the protruding edge of the roof does not provide much force “. The person in charge of the project at Numeric Systems goes further: ” It is true that the flow is not unified, but the air follows the slope quite well. It’s absolutely stunning, and a huge advantage over other images. In addition, the diffuser has a clean effect in the middle of the rear of the car. This creates absorption and reduces aerodynamic drag. »

Cx can still be improved

What value should be given to this independent test? On the one hand, it should be noted that it was not done with a real Cybertruck, but on a computer. However, wind tunnel tests can give slightly different results. In any case, the margin of error is very small between the two methods, the conclusions about the aerodynamic characteristics of the pick-up cannot be disputed. On the other hand, another question may arise: What? Can Cybertruck Cx be upgraded? Indeed, major revisions before the start of production can still change the situation. On this subject, Aleix Lazaro Prat has several suggestions as he was able to target Cybertruck’s weak point: its front face. ” Our results show the clear turbulence patterns created by the front part of the car, which connects the bumper and hood, the vertical ridge behind the headlights, the wheel arches, the rim design and the geometry of the A and C pillars. Generation of models of turbulence comes from the roughness of the edges. These geometric features increase the vehicle’s drag, which reduces the Cybertruck’s range. Furthermore, focusing on the sharp trailing edge, the flow separates immediately and forms a visible region of low energy behind the top and side edges. “, he explains.

Be that as it may, the Cybertruck’s aerodynamic results are better than those associated with it on the basis of a few pictures. However, Lift up does not meet the mark expected by Elon Musk. Indeed, the Tesla boss had set the Cybertruck’s Cx target at 0.30. a little ambitious no doubt.


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