Superyacht Lamborghini by Tecnomar hides two V12s and 4,000 horses

Superyacht Lamborghini by Tecnomar hides two V12s and 4,000 horses

Prestige Marine has announced that the first ever Lamborghini 63 Superyacht built by Tecnomar is now docked in the Port of Miami. A tribute to Lamborghini, the boat is one of 63 that will be built.

There will only be 63. Built at the Italian Marine Group’s modern production facility near Sant’Agatha Bolognese, the yacht has been specially designed for its new owner. The client, a fan of the Italian automaker, consulted friends and family throughout the design process to create this super yacht. Borrowing design cues from the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, the boat builder incorporated distinctive shapes and sharp edges into the design of this boat. A type of hard tau shelters from the sun while recalling the roof of an Italian supercar, like the lights of this Y-shaped boat that comes straight from Sian.

The yacht is powered by two MAN V12 engines that make 2,028 horsepower each. They push a boat that is light for its class, thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber. It weighs only 24 tons, but the engines are capable of bringing the boat to a speed of 117 km / h. “The Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 is one of the most unique yachts in the world with its uncompromising design, performance and handling. 1963 is the year Lamborghini was founded, so this figure is visible everywhere,” says Brett David, CEO of Prestige Marine, who imported the yacht.

A true honor

“And with that, we have a 63-foot (over 19m) yacht that has a top speed of 63 knots, a limited number of 63 being built…all to pay homage to the year the Lamborghini brand was created in 1963.”, adds the CEO of Prestige Marine. Founded in the United States by Prestige Imports, The company that maintains the marine part has worked with Lamborghini for a long time, as well as with several other manufacturers. Opened in the 1980s, the company claims to be behind the luxury car market in South Florida.

“For decades Prestige Imports has sold the Lamborghini brand here in Miami and South Florida”, David said. “We are honored to welcome the first Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 here in North America.” About the price of this racing car, we don’t know much, but it shouldn’t be given. It is probably necessary to calculate several million euros.