Summer series – What?  is it a… Fiat?

Summer series – What? is it a… Fiat?

It is a long time ago when Fiat, with a young and powerful model, was at the top of the European market. The Italian brand has fallen in the best-selling ranks, and, worse than that, for several years now, the market has been particularly dark. Blame it on Covid, which caused shutdowns, then production disruptions around the world, starting with semiconductors.

However, in the European passenger car market decreased by 14.1% in the first 6 months of 2022, Fiat plunged by 27.2% in the EU (266,533 sales), which is the biggest loss in the world. The Stellantis group, to which the Turin brand belongs. In France, surprisingly, Fiat does well. If the market loses 15.31% from January to July 2022, the Italian logo holds up to -5.96%, therefore increasing its penetration from 2.40% to 2.66%. This is the second best performance in the Stellantis group, the first going to… Alfa Romeo (+34.47%). But Biscione, which benefits from the arrival of Tonale, starts from the bottom.

Being electrified and giving itself the air of an SUV, Fiat Tipo has seriously increased its prices!

Fiat faces an incomplete and very aging model: Punto, its old horse, has never been replaced, there are only two old SUVs (Panda Cross and 500 X) when its latest model, Tipo, was launched. 2015… Except for the 500th miracle! Thanks to him, released in 2020, the Italian can play on the margins like few times in his history, while benefiting from the estimated sales levels. Indeed, in France, this is the 3rd best selling electric car, with 8,922 units. And this, despite a base price of €26,200 (without government tax), against €17,190 for the hybrid. Fiat can say thanks to its battery-powered city car, its new cash cow!

Once well placed on the French charts, the 3rd generation Fiat Panda is building numbers, its prices, like those of the Tipo, have risen dramatically.
Once well placed on the French charts, the 3rd generation Fiat Panda is building numbers, its prices, like those of the Tipo, have risen dramatically.

Considering all engine options, the 500 is in 11th place, with 17,537 units. In addition, Fiat has largely electrified its models, from the Panda to the 500 X through the 500 and Tipo. Failing to benefit directly from the sales figures, obviously, this must increase the amount, especially in the case of the 500 which is sold for more than half of the electricity.

Like others, Fiat is taking advantage of the supply crisis to bet on margins, its floor price models have disappeared. Added to this is the electrification, which has caused a very significant price inflation: Rides below €8,000 are a thing of the past (€12,590 current minimum). For its part, the Tipo is no longer available for less than €20,990. There was a time when it was shown for 11,000 €… Fiat gives the air of an SUV, and takes this opportunity, again, to sell it at a high price. This high-value car policy is paying off at Stellantis, which is keeping big profits.

The future of Fiat? If he manages to quickly launch the new Punto (it’s in the pipeline) and successfully revamp his Panda (launched in 2011) which, naturally, remains his best-selling European, he doesn’t seem sad. But Fiat will also have to come up with a new SUV, without which there seems to be no commercial salvation. It should be noted that in Brazil, FCA continues to dominate, with 23.6% of the market (193,287 vehicles), from January to July 2022, even if its fall of 15.4% is greater than that of all brands. (11.7%). .