Success for Brother Wagner – RALLYE

Success for Brother Wagner – RALLYE

Two of Austria’s fastest-growing brothers, Simon and Julian Wagner, formerly known as “Wagnerei” and the late Speaker Jimmy Riegler, were able to show up at the same time in international protests this weekend – albeit 3,300 kilometers away …

Last weekend, Simon Wagner and Gerald Winter in the Eurosol Skoda Fabia rally2 won a total victory at the Croatian Rat Opatja Rally, which is part of the Mitropa Cup. Wagner / Winter were also able to impress in the gran Canaria that the duo also have the potential to win the European Championship (ERC) for the best time in the first special stage. On SS3, however, Simon was wrong, which he openly admitted to “I was a little late on the brakes, which damaged the left suspension of the wheel and we will not continue under Rally2 until Saturday. Something like that could happen …”

Especially when you can keep up with the ERC Elite speed – Simon Wagner was able to set the second speed on SS11 behind second-placed Efren Llarena with a gap of only eight ten-second – and that, though, “he rested the tires for the Stage. Power “. There he ended the meeting at a more opportune time, which also brought him extra points of power action.

During a call by Simon Wagner, his brother Julian and his German co-driver Hanna Ostlender celebrated victory at the Stengg Motorsport Opel Corsa rally in Belgium Soezens Rallye at 2WD and at the Stellantis Benelux Cup – ahead of the German conference . ace and several European 2WD European champion Marijan Griebel.

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