Subaru Soltera and a million for Peugeot 3008

Subaru Soltera and a million for Peugeot 3008

Subaru launches its first 100% electric car, while the Peugeot 3008 exceeds one million units manufactured, looking back at automotive news in recent days.

Subaru Soltera, similar

It is an invitation to play differently – and it is not certain that there are 7. On the one hand the Subaru Solterra, the first 100% electric car of the brand, on the other hand the Toyota bZ4X, as electric was presented at the beginning of the month. They are the same. And for good reason, they were made together. Therefore, their dimensions are the same, the exterior design of Solterra differs only in the grille, rims or rear lights, while the interior is copy-pasted. Ditto for engines with two versions, 204 hp traction and 217 continuous wheel drive. The new Subaru will arrive, like its Toyota friend, in the middle of next year.

3008, million

3008 is a hit. Peugeot’s 4-digit second-generation SUV has reached one million units. In just five years. A course that can be reached more quickly, without health problems and without the current shortage of semiconductors. The success achieved in France, the 3008 from the Stellantis factories in Sochaux, which won in France, where it led the sales charts in its category, and also in Europe, where it climbed to the second step of the podium. The work was crowned with the Car of the Year award in 2017, making the 3008 the first SUV to win this distinction.

The main drivers, during the tests?

The elderly and the car. The subject may seem taboo, but it requires reflection in the face of an aging population. A recent survey shows that almost 8 out of 10 French people prefer a driving assessment from the age of 65 and closer to a regular medical examination. They also favor 59% of this population’s temporary and renewable driving licence. While the majority of key players approve of these measures, on the other hand they are more hesitant about the idea of ​​a temporary driving license.

VW T-Roc, facelift

Already 4 years of good and faithful service for the T-Roc, VW’s urban SUV, the time has come to go through the “restyling” box. The designers of the brand have had a clever stroke of the pencil, there is no need to shake the recipe that has won more than a million times. On the outside, it’s the grille that benefits the most from a facelift, with the appearance of a horizontal LED bar, as an option – it’s just a chrome strip on the basic trims. Inside, the T-Roc is more flexible with a more satisfying presentation, perceived quality that continues and a multimedia system that has been updated. Under the hood, however, nothing changes. Still three petrol, diesel and no hybrid.

TEST / Renault Megane E-Tech 60 kWh

The future of Renault, next March, is the Megane E-Tech, 100% electric. A new Mégane that has nothing to do with the current one, except for its name. At the wheel, this unique Mégane is very pleasant to drive, thanks to its precise steering, brake pedal feel – less artificial than many of its competitors, and road holding. The obvious features that make us forget the few things mentioned by our expert, especially the position of the gear lever on the steering wheel.

NORMAL / Honda, self-driving car (test model)

If the car tomorrow will be written, perhaps, without a driver, those of the van too. At the same time, they teach. The exercise that has just ended for these machines made by Honda was to change together, in a coordinated way. One by one, they had already proven themselves. Carrying almost 400 kg of goods, being able to pull almost twice as much, gives the great advantage of working for eight hours without stopping. After that, they rest for six hours, to recover. What, they had no problem doing at this site in New Mexico, where they participated in the installation of solar panels.