Subaru Soltera (2022).  Toyota BZ4X twin electric SUV

Subaru Soltera (2022). Toyota BZ4X twin electric SUV

Toyota and Subaru, which are already associated in the field of sports competition, have collaborated to create their first 100% electric SUV with international appeal. The new Solterra is therefore a close cousin of the bZ4X, which is better known for its special face.


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Subaru’s first 100% electric SUV, the Solterra is a close cousin of Toyota’s bZ4X.


If there is a manufacturer that suffers from malus in France, it is Subaru. Even his recent hybrid offerings have been severely punished, the appetite offense is still very high. But with the Solterra, which will go on sale in mid-2022 after being revealed in a prototype form very close to the series, the Japanese brand will finally be able to claim a bonus. This family SUV, 4.69 meters long, will be 100% electric. Does his silhouette already bring something to you? This is normal: it is the same as the Toyota bZ4X, launched a few days before. After the GT86/BRZ duo, which has since become the GR86/BRZ, the two partners are doing the “clone war” trick again!

Some differences in style

4.69 m long, this SUV shows exactly the same silhouette as the bZ4X, with wheel arches, outlined in black.
If the taillights have the same general shape as Toyota’s, they are here joined by a black band that doesn’t light up. The light signature is also special.

This time, the aesthetic difference is the same (slightly) more prominent. Instead of the bZ4X’s thin black strip, the Solterra offers a false hexagonal grille that may remind one of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It takes the most attractive lights, even if their contours are similar: it is the presence of a body color element on Toyota with a different light signature that confuses the issue. Two techniques found on the rear lights, Subaru preferring here a black band instead of lighting the lights over the entire width.

Unlike its Subaru-badged twin, the bZ4X opts for a narrow black strip between the headlights.
At the back, Toyota SUV lights are connected by a bright red line.

The shape of the windows, the two small fins above the rear window or the wheel arches outlined in black are reminders, however, that these two SUVs are closely related. Inside, it’s more obvious. The dashboard is exactly the same, except for the material and color. Not to mention the emblem on the steering wheel, which however at this time must be round in Subaru. It is not yet known if the manufacturer also plans to offer the funny aero-style steering wheel that the bZ4X will reserve first for the Chinese market.

Aside from the colors and materials, the Solterra’s dashboard looks identical to that of the bZ4X.

A well-known data sheet

The technical chapter does not hold any surprises. These two manufacturers have jointly developed a platform offered for 100% electricity, such as Volkswagen’s MEB or Renault group’s CMF-EV. The only difference is that it is called e-Subaru Global Platform on one side and e-TNGA for Toyota. On the other hand, we get the same promises of a low center of gravity and high rigidity. For this, the lithium-ion battery 71.4 kWh is placed under the floor and is an integral part of the structure. In the basic version, it only runs a single 204 hp electric motor, with a range offered at 530 km on the Japanese WLTC circuit.

All-wheel drive is a Subaru tradition. So it will be released on the Solterra, this time using a single motor per axle.
Dubbed e-TNGA at Toyota, the 100% electric platform becomes the Subaru Electronic Platform at Subaru.

A Solterra with two 109 hp engines, one in the front, one in the back, will also be available. It will show a slight increase in weight, to the point of exceeding two tons, and will see its range drop to 460 km. But with its four-wheel drive, it is he who will be most faithful to the Subaru tradition. You will have to get used to the fact that its 218 hp, a power close to that of the first Impreza GT Turbo, does not accompany this time the characteristic sound of the flat four-cylinder engine loved by the brand.

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