Subaru plans to bring back a truck based on the Toyota Hilux

Subaru plans to bring back a truck based on the Toyota Hilux

Apparently, Subaru is seriously considering returning to work in the trucking segment. The Japanese brand was absent from the category for a while. However, according to the Australian website Automotive GuideThe new pickup can be seen based on the Hilux chassis, the world’s most popular product from the citizen. Toyota.

This inspiration shows the search for collaboration between two Japanese brands. Subaru and Toyota have already worked together recently when they launched the coupe GT-86 and BRZ. The two were known for Subaru’s famous boxer engines, as well as Toyota’s rear-wheel drive.


Blair Read, Subaru’s managing director, told the Australian publication that “there is no visibility into this type of discussion and what might be going on”. So he referred to the process of creating a new pickup truck. However, Read recalled the fruits of the successful partnership with Toyota and the sports duo launched in 2012.

Subaru Baja

A little history?

Founded in the mid-1950s, Subaru once had a 20% minority stake in the General Motors. border Toyota he bought GM stock. From then on, Toyota and Subaru formed a technology alliance to share various features.

In this way, Toyota began to use partner factories in the United States, while Subaru used the hybrid technology of its partners. Not for nothing, the Baja pickupthe origin of Outstation carwas produced in the United States between 2002 and 2006. A monoblock project that emerged before Fiat Strada and gives Volkswagen Sloop.

The Baja was the last pickup produced by the company and was discontinued in 2006. In this way, the call for a new pickup with the Subaru stamp seems strong. According to the carmaker’s public relations manager, David Rowley, some potential customers told him they would buy the new models because “the mileage keeps going up”.

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