Subaru is recalling the XV and Forester in Brazil

Subaru is recalling the XV and Forester in Brazil

Subaru Forester is one of the cars involved in the memory | Photo: Disclosure / Subaru

The recall of Subaru was announced by the brand and Procon-SP last Monday (10). This call covers the XV (2018 and 2019) and Forester (2019) models, rough chassis numbers and manufacturing dates will be reported below.

Subaru remember

According to the statement, the tightening torque of the four stabilizer support bolts may be lower than specified by the brand. The use of the car can cause the screws to loosen, causing noise in the suspension or even turning off the support from the place. As a result, the brake pipes, axle shafts and subframes can be damaged, with the risk of losing the brakes.

Vehicles involved

Next, look at the examples that were called in this reminder.

Subaru XV (2018 and 2019)

  • Chassis (non-series): from JGOO8077 to KGO84651;
  • Production date: from 5/25/2017 to 5/23/2019.

Subaru Forester (2019)

  • Chassis (non-series): from KGOO2O33 to KGO28316;
  • Production date: from 5/24/2018 to 4/25/2019.

Owners should schedule screw inspections at branded retailers. Subaru provides a telephone number 0800 770 2011 and a website

Too many reminders

In addition to the Subaru recall, there are other open calls in Brazil. One of them involves Porsche, with three models named at once. There is also one of Honda’s CRF 450R motorcycles, Kia has announced to call the Carnival car.

In recent weeks, a recall was announced involving the Toyota Camry and some Lexus models.

O Garage360 It also recalled some Honda models. All details can be seen here. There is also a clear recall of the Chevrolet Tracker.

Volkswagen recalled the Amarok Pickup a few days ago, due to the risk of the spare tire falling off. All recall information is available at this link.

Renault recently announced the recall of some cars manufactured in 2020. The models Duster, Duster Oroch, Sandero and Logan were named. All information can be seen here.

The Stellantis group also has a clear memory in the country. This is another recall inspired by the airbags produced by Japanese Takata. Because of this, some Fiat cars were called to replace the inflatable bags. The full article can be viewed at this link.

There is another memory involving the Stellantis brand. In this case, it is a call from Jeep and it involves 1,685 units of the Grand Cherokee, manufactured between 2014 and 2015. According to Jeep’s information, a failure has been detected in the crankshaft position sensor of the vehicle. This problem makes it impossible to start the engine, and in extreme cases it can cause the car to stop suddenly, even when moving. All refund details can be seen by clicking here.

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