When the Forester completed 20 years of existence, in 2019, the manufacturer launched the fifth generation SUV, which received more rounded lines, new sets of LED lights (headlights, fog lights and flashlights) and more technology. Subaru Forester is sold in one S version and costs R$ 173,990.

The engine remains a boxer petrol 2.0 16V, with 156 hp and 20 kgfm of torque, which works linked to a CVT exchange that simulates seven gears. However, anyone who thinks that the engine has not undergone any changes is wrong. According to Subaru, 80% of the parts have been redesigned, leaving it 12 kg lighter than the previous version. This means more agility in the city and on the road.

The family will also approve of the comfort of the fifth generation Subaru Forester. Built on the modern Subaru Global Platform (SGP), it has grown in length (it is now 4.62 m long) and wide (it goes up to 1.81 cm), with a wheelbase of 2.67 m.

The trunk capacity has also increased from 505 to 520 liters. To make it easier to carry luggage, Subaru has widened the opening area of ​​the trunk lid and made the floor of the room flat.

Subaru Forester Optical Safety Technology

The new Subaru Forester has a redesigned and intuitive multimedia center, with an eight-inch screen and compatible with Apple Car and Android Auto. Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) technology allows you to select the driving characteristics of the car in Intelligent modes (for more comfort and fuel consumption) and Sport modes (with faster responses).

The X-Mode feature is activated via a new rotary selector, and with it, the SUV negotiates muddy roads without the risk of getting stuck. X Mode also works in Snow/Dirt (earth, sand or gravel) and Deep Snow/Mud (mud or clay) conditions.
Subaru Forester has advanced Eye safety technology. Inside, two stereo cameras capture three-dimensional color images and act together with the brake, automatic and accelerator.