Still down in July, the car market is still far from one million

Still down in July, the car market is still far from one million

Despite the fall, the French car market still contracted by 7.1% in July 2022, the fourteenth consecutive month of decline. With 879,597 registrations since January, that million may not be reached before September, versus July 2021.


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In the month of July alone and since the beginning of the year, Peugeot has established itself as the leader of the French car market.

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Since June 2021, the French car market has relentlessly followed the same downward trend, while the shortage of semiconductor continues to disrupt the production of manufacturers, that the price of cars faces inflation and that drivers seem lost in the face of new types of engines. According to the data provided by NGC Data®, passenger car registrations fell further by 7.1% in July 2022 to 107,551 units. This is the second lowest volume of the month after January (102,901 units).

Although the decline is slowing, this is the fourteenth consecutive month in the red. During the first seven months of the year, the market shows 879,597 registrations, i.e. -15.3% compared to the 1,038,478 units registered at the end of July 2021. If the trend continues in August, a traditionally quiet month since most French are on vacation, the mark of million units therefore should not be crossed before September, ie two months later than last year.

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Between January and July, Renault fared better than Peugeot and the pair posted just 3,566 registrations.

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New car registrations per month in 2022

  • January: 102,901 (–18.6%)
  • February: 115,383 (–13%)
  • March: 147,098 (–19.5%)
  • April: 108,733 (–22.6%)
  • May: 126,819 (–10.1%)
  • June: 171,112 (-14.2%)
  • July: 107,551 (-7.1%)

Peugeot ahead of Renault, Citroen fighting Dacia

In July alone, Peugeot finished as the leader with 17,539 units, or 16.3% of the market, despite a 16.7% drop. Second with 15,149 units despite its trend of +14.4%, Renault achieved a market share of 14.1%. Down 7.6%, Citroën (9,480 units) finished in a strong position on the podium against Dacia (9,438 units, + 4.9%). Among other leading players, Toyota (5e with 7,772 units) fell 9.6% while Volkswagen tumbled 25.1% to 6,581 units. In contrast, Hyundai (+ 20.9% with 4,742 units) and Fiat (+ 35% with 3,551 units) had a good month. Behind, Kia (- 2.5% with 3,481 units) and Mercedes (- 8.6% with 3,414 units) finish neck and neck, as do Audi (- 16.9% with 3,182 units) and BMW (- 1.9% with 3,149 units).

At low levels, note the good monthly performance of MG (+23.9%, 451 units) and Cupra (+15.4% and 442 units), while Alfa Romeo (+181.3% with 256 units) took advantage of the Tonale to finish in the top 30 ahead of Alpine (+50.3% with 224 units). Conversely, Seat, Suzuki, Jeep and Mazda had a tougher July with trends between -48.8% and -58.5%.

Dacia, Hyundai and Kia are on the rise

With 879,597 registrations between January and July 2022, the French car market has decreased by 15.3% compared to the end of July 2021. But comparison with previous years hurts: – 1.7% compared to 894,835 units in 2020, despite the closure of two months, but above all – 34.3% compared to 2019 (1,338,728 units) and – 35.5% compared to 2018 (1 363,574 units). The weight of the three French wholesale brands continues to decrease, as they now represent only 41.6% of the market.

Peugeot remains in the lead – slightly – with 145,754 units (-21.2%) ahead of Renault (142,188 units, -14.1%), while Citroën (77,125 units, -23.5%) is still against Dacia (74,130 units, +3%). Within the top 20, only the brands Hyundai (7th with 28,741 units, i.e. +6.6%) and Kia (11th with 26,412 units, i.e. +2.5%) continue, while Kiti falls by -52, 6% and 9,141 units .

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Still down in July, the car market is still far from one million

For months, Dacia has been fighting a fierce battle with Citroën to try to win the podium.

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