Stellantis Group publishes 2021 results

Stellantis Group publishes 2021 results

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The Franco-Italian-American automotive group born in early 2021 due to the merger of Peugeot-Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler recorded a first-year record with a profit of 13.4 billion euros, despite declining production and shortages of semiconductors.

It is a very good year for Stellantiswith sales of 152 billion euros. That is an increase of 14%, compared to the combined data of the two groups, by 2020.

The manufacturer presented more than six million cars last year. Decreased production, as the automotive industry faces a global shortage of semiconductors. In addition to the shortage, the group also faced rising commodity prices.

Profit sharing bonus for some employees

In Europe, its main market, sales declined by 3%, but Stellantis was able to prevent part of the problem by raising the price of electric cars. In North America, sales also fell by 2%, but the manufacturer thanked the excellent results for its two Jeep and Ram brands.

With the strength of these excellent figures, the group announced a dividend-sharing bonus of more than 4,000 euros for some French workers. With a 3% increase for all employees.

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