Stellantis continues to have a strong presence in the South American market

Stellantis continues to have a strong presence in the South American market

Ram 1500 Classic (Photo: Disclosure/Ram)

Stellantis continues to lead the largest markets in South America. From January to August, the company has sold more than 402 thousand units in Brazil, with a market share of 33%, surpassing the 87 thousand units registered in Argentina, with a market share of 32.7%, and remains ahead of the Chilean market, and more. more than 31.8 thousand units and 10.75% share.

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Stellantis is growing and maintaining a presence in the South American market
Fiat Pulse (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

Stellantis and environment in the main countries of South America


Fiat increases its leadership in the market

Fiat ended August with a gain in market share, an increase in sales and an extension of its leadership in the Brazilian market. There were 44,252 units approved, 22.7% market share and 1.7 pp growth compared to last month.


In addition, the brand had three models among the top ten sellers and the Nova Strada reached a major historical milestone: in addition to being the best-selling car in the country, the pickup also reached its highest market share since the new generation was launched. , June 2020, with 7.3 percent and 14,157 registered units.

In 2022, Fiat continues to appear. With the performance achieved in August, the brand extended its market leadership, with a market share of 21.9% and more than 267 thousand units sold.

In addition, Fiat continues to exceed its best annual performance of the past 10 years. Nova Strada maintains the leadership of the Brazilian market during the period, with 76,102 vehicles licensed since January.

best selling cars
Fiat Strada (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

Jeep maintains leadership among SUVs

The Jeep brand ended August as the leader in the SUV segment, with more than 12,000 units sold. In the same month of the Commander’s one-year anniversary, the model achieved better sales results, with 2,338 registrations for the month. Jeep also celebrated the milestone of 500 thousand units manufactured by Renegade.

The brand was followed in the absolute leadership among SUVs also in the assembly of the year. In 2022, 88,128 brands have been licensed so far, which represents the leadership among SUVs, with a share of 20.2% in the segment. Relative to the overall market, Jeep shares are up 7.2% in the first eight months of the year.

Does the Jeep Compass hybrid have any advantages compared to the convertible versions?
Jeep Compass (Photo: Disclosure)

Peugeot is picking up speed

Peugeot continues to achieve results above the market average in the second half of 2022. Between the months of January and August, the brand registered 29,513 registered units, a growth of 69% compared to the same period last year and a market share of 2. 4% . These numbers position Peugeot as a growth leader.

The highlight of the brand was the Peugeot 208, which since June has been registering significant results in the segment. For the year to date, 20,710 units were sold. The 208’s sales success is due to the new 1.0 Firefly engine, which has been installed in the hatch since May.

The sale of the model with the new engine represents, so far, 25% of the total volume of 208 sold.

Peugeot e-2008
Peugeot e-2008

Citroen celebrates growth in the year

In a special month for Citroën, thanks to the launch of the New C3, the brand celebrated a significant increase in its sales and market share. Between January and August 2022, Citroën grew by 14%, with 15,652 license numbers.

The best month of Ram

The Ram brand sold more than 500 units in August, its best month of the year, and year-to-date sales exceed 2,100 units.

Stellantis is growing and maintaining a presence in the South American market
Ram Classic 2023 (Photo: Disclosure)


In August, Stellantis reaches record production in Argentina

During the month of August, the production of Stellantis in Argentina passed the mark of 15,000 pieces, with an export volume of 60%. The Córbiba plant has reached its highest level of production since the launch of the Fiat Cronos, while the El Palomar plant has achieved its best results since 2014.

Year to date, Stellantis continues to lead the Argentine market. Sales exceeded 87,000 units between January and August, with a market share of 32.7%. The two best-selling models in Argentina are the Fiat Cronos (28,771 units) and the Peugeot 208 (18,162). Stellantis also led the SUV segment, with more than 18,000 units sold.

Peugeot (+40%), Citroën (+29.2%) and Fiat (+15%) brands are the ones that grew the most this year in the Argentine market compared to last year.

The new Citroen C3
New Citroën C3 (Photo: Advertising)


Stellantis leadership in Chile

Stellantis maintains leadership in Chile for the year, with 31,800 units sold from January to August, equivalent to a market share of 10.75%. The company’s best-selling brand is Peugeot, with 13,800 units and a market share of 4.65%, followed by Ram, with 5,300 units and a market share of 1.79%.

Next are the Citroen brands (5.2 thousand and 1.75%), Opel (2.9 thousand and 1%), Jeep (2.4 thousand, 0.82%), Fiat (1.67 thousand and 0 .56%) and DS, which is the highest. section, with 375 units sold.

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Peugeot Landtrek (Photo: Publicity/Peugeot)

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