Stellantis announces record results for the first half of 2022

Stellantis announces record results for the first half of 2022

Through its Dare Forward 2030 Strategic Plan, Stellantis is moving at full speed, supported by record profits and accelerating sales of low-emission vehicles (LEVs), which include battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrids – plug-in (PHEV) and fuel cell. electric cars.

The company ranks second in BEV and LEV sales in the EU30 market (less than 1000 vehicles and the LEV leader) and ranks third in LEV sales in the US market.(6). Global sales of the BEV Stellantis are up 50% compared to last year, at 136,000 units in the first half. The company now offers 20 BEVs, with an additional 28 BEVs expected in 2024.

Strengthening the battery ecosystem: Confirmed locations of five gigafactories (three in Europe and two in North America), partnerships with Automotive Cells, Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solution, and increased supply of low-emission lithium hydroxide through the signing of contracts with Vulcan Energy and Controlled Thermal Resources, located in Europe and North America respectively. The contracts with Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solution remain subject to customary closing conditions as well as regulatory approvals.

World leader in mobility: Access to Share Now, which positions Free2move as a leader in the global mobility industry, with more than 6 million customers worldwide.

Collaboration for change: Announcing a series of multi-year global deals with Amazon and Qualcomm, aimed at transforming the in-car experience for millions of Stellantis customers.

North America : Record profits, with a current operating margin of 18.1%; market share up 40 basis points year over year to 11.3%, and an increase of 50 basis points in the US to 11.7%. The Jeep® Wrangler 4xe remains the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the United States(6) and 19,000 units were sold in the first half, an increase of 55% compared to the previous year. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe will arrive at dealerships, soon to be followed by the new Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L in late 2022.

Wider Europe: The current operating margin is 10.4%, up 160 basis points. EU30 market share at 21.2%, down 190 basis points. The New Fiat 500 was the best-selling BEV in Germany and Italy, and the Peugeot e-208 took first place in the BEV segment in France. Jeep Compass and Renegade took first and second place respectively in LEV sales in Italy. Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa, Citroen C3, Fiat Panda and Fiat 500 entered the top 10 best-selling cars in the EU30.

Other regions: All three regions achieved double-digit business rates. Latin America almost tripled its current operating income to 1.0 billion euros, with a margin of 13.9%. Leader in the region with a market share of 23.5%. Fiat leads among the best-selling brands in the region, and Jeep is the leading SUV brand in Brazil. Middle East and Africa: record level of business operations at 15.5%, 580 basis points, and operating profit at € 472 million; market share up 20 points to 11.9%. China, India and Asia-Pacific: Current operating margin is 13.4%, and current operating income is up 40% to €289 million. The launch of the new Jeep Meridian and Citroën C3 in India, with deliveries starting in June and July respectively.

Maserati: On the way to a double-digit profit, with a current operating margin of 6.6%, up to 330 basis points, current operating income more than doubled to 62 million euros. The new MC20 Cielo was presented in May, with the first delivery The new Grecale debuted in Europe at the end of June and the smaller version of the Supercar was revealed in July.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all market share and ranking references shown are for H1 2022. All prior year comparisons are for H1 2021, including FCA figures for the period 1-2021. January 16, 2021, prior to the completion of the merger.

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