status of ’22 – 98.5 Montreal

status of ’22 – 98.5 Montreal

Auto123 updatesreview the 2022 Genesis GV80.

The GV80 has been with us since 2020, meaning it’s Year Three for the luxury SUV. We are not at the time of a big change, but it could come in a year, if not two.

He was noticed when he arrived because the car was impressed by its size and the way Genesis positioned it in the market, especially in terms of value for money, excellent in his case.

The GV80 is incredible and once the doors are open, it exudes luxury, regardless of the trim level chosen. A 2.5-liter turbo 4-cylinder comes standard, while a more powerful 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 is available with higher-end trims.

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2022 Genesis GV80, long

By 2022
The model has not changed for this year, the same offer – or close. There are now no less than seven exterior color options and three new matte colors for a premium finish. There is a choice of Brunswick Green, Matterhorn White and Melbourne Gray which are priced at $1,700 each. Inside, every time the choice between 3 colors of Nappa leather ends.

Simplified options
The advantage of Genesis is that it is easy to navigate through the choice of versions. A strategy that we welcome with enthusiasm, moreover. In the case of the GV80, there are three.

The entry level, which is already very well-equipped, comes with a 4-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive and a host of equipment and systems for safety and driving assistance. Starting with the second trim option, you get access to the twin-turbo V6 6 engine while staying with the Advanced trim level.

With the third trim level, Prestige, you enter the world of true top-of-the-range cars. We’re talking Nappa leather, a 21-speaker sound system, smart parking assist, ventilated rear seats, road noise cancellation and more.

In short, we can sum it all up to two options. The first about the engine, the second about the finish.

2022 Genesis GV80, front

Driving cars
As mentioned above, two engines equip the GV80, the first is a 2.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 300 horsepower, the second is a 3.5-liter turbo V6 good for 375 horsepower. After driving both engines, we can confirm that the V6 is definitely more powerful and more powerful, but we still liked the 4 cylinder whose 300 horsepower is more than enough for the job as well as being modest from testing the car. An eight-speed automatic transmission accompanies these two engines and all-wheel drive is standard in Canada.

During our test week with the GV80 3.5T, our car used 12.8 liters / 100km in traffic. According to the Genesis manual, the GV80 3.5T has a fuel consumption of 12.9 liters / 100 km in the city, 10.4 liters / 100 km on the highway and 11.8 liters / 100 km in mixed driving, in all cases if you use high octane gasoline , care about you. During our previous tests of the GV80, with the 4-cylinder engine, we were getting around 11.5 liters / 100 km, always in mixed driving. This may seem high to some, but the car still weighs 2,350 kg.

2022 Genesis GV80, interior

Comfort, priority
The comfort, especially with our Prestige version, is worthy of first class from a major airline. The interior of the GV80 is very well finished with burl wood trim, metallic accents, built-in lighting and a large infotainment screen – maybe even a little too big, some might say. The front seats are comfortable, supportive and available with a massage function.

You can even, as an option, add a third bench seat if you are afraid of running out of space for humans. You just have to know that this bench seat is mainly used for triaging and cannot compete with family SUVs that deserve the name. The trunk can swallow up to 991 liters of cargo for the whole family.

Infotainment and Connectivity
A slim 14.5-inch media screen stretches down the middle of the GV80’s dashboard. It handles very easily. The only downside is the control wheel which is always difficult to control. It is sunk into the console, whereas in the G80 sedan, this same wheel is out of the console, which allows for easy handling.

The Lexicon surround sound audio system features 21 speakers and a high-output loudspeaker that delivers incredible sound. If you are a music lover, you will find your account there. As an aside, Apple Carplay and Android auto only work with a wired connection. At this level of finish, we have the right to expect wireless connectivity.

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2022 Genesis GV80, grille

Exactly, how much does this Genesis GV80 cost? The starting price for the Advanced version is $71,615 including preparation and transportation costs. At this price, you have all the necessary comfort and safety options and only have access to a 4-cylinder engine, which we believe is suitable for most drivers. If you want to be more powerful, and get 375 tanks, then you will have to pay $ 6500 more than the basic version. For $78,115, you get the GV80 in Advanced trim with the V6 engine and you can, for an additional $2,000, add a third bench seat.

If you’re looking for sheer luxury, for $86,615 you’ll have a GV80 equipped to go to high fashion shows. It will depend on your needs, but no matter which version you choose, you will get your money’s worth!

The last word
In just a few years, this brand has managed to carve out a niche for itself. All the Genesis cars we’ve had the chance to test have the same quality of finish, and the care taken by the Korean retailer shows a commitment to success.

The GV80 is no exception and inside you immediately feel the quality of the manufacture and assembly of the car. All that was missing were the hybrid or electric versions that are finally starting to arrive in our market. In the case of this SUV, however, there is nothing on the horizon when it comes to electricity.

2022 Genesis GV80, three quarters back

We like

Finishing the interior
Smooth ride

We like a little

Blocked third row
The Media Wheel
Wireless connection for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

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2022 Genesis GV80, rear