SsangYong Korando: Spread the message!

SsangYong Korando: Spread the message!

Because even if the Tivoli was already on the right track, and if the big Rexton is already very attractive, the new Korando in our opinion is an undeniable aesthetic achievement that the manufacturer needed to make people forget the past without a doubt. From start to finish, its design is full of character, and features very interesting styling details, such as the light signature of the LED taillights. His proportions are impeccable, and his overall appearance is inspiring. In short, there is no trickery that we have often been blamed for SsangYong in the past.

At the competitor level

As for the interior, we know from Rexton that the manufacturer has achieved a luxurious style, enhanced by quality materials. Korando just confirms, and even adds small touches that make you go “Oooooh!”, such as 3D lighting on the dashboard and door trim, the color of which can be selected via the multimedia screen, which is only visible at night. Very successful!


The 9.2” multimedia screen is just part of the technology that powers the Korando. Because with the current modern functions and the integration of the multimedia system, there is a digital instrument cluster, and all the driving aids that are gradually becoming a “minimum level of unity”: lane keeping assistance, recognition of traffic signs on the road, rear camera, and so on. All this to tell you that no, the Korando is not a Korean version of Dacia. In terms of quality and technology, it is at the level of its best competitors. But wait until we talk about the price…


All this of course with a very generous rear space, and a trunk of 551 liters.

Choice of everything

As always with SsangYong, we have a full choice of weapons. Petrol, diesel or CNG, manual or automatic transmission, 2 or 4 wheel drive: you can combine everything you want. Small problem: the choice of engines is limited, as there is only a 136hp diesel, and a 1.5 turbo petrol (which serves as the basis for the CNG version), with 163hp and/or 171 to 198 gCO2/km is tax. -disabled. And it’s a damn shame, because this engine is a treat.


In fact, it is he who we tried, associated with an automatic box and an all-wheel drive. And we loved everything. The performance of the engine, its silent operation, its flexibility, its very successful marriage with the automatic 6-speed gearbox that changes gears very smoothly, the small impact of the 4-wheel drive on the use … All this in the car itself it’s surprising. unimpeded by sound, and whose suspensions have the kind of comfortable settings that give the whole thing a very elegant, very quiet, dare I say it, high-class personality.


To complete the analysis, we can add that the steering is perhaps too artificial, and that the responsiveness of the automatic box could be improved. But these remarks would make sense only if we are talking about SUVs and sports, or at least changing claims. However, that is not the case. The Korando wants to be a comfortable and welcoming family SUV, which it certainly is.

Who says better?

It may seem strange that we are amazed by qualities that, in the end, are not very few. There are other good, spacious, well-finished and comfortable SUVs. Except that with comparable engines and equipment, other SUVs of this type will always cost you at least €3,000 more. We emphasize: at least! SsangYong Korando starts at €20,990 for petrol, €23,990 for diesel. And the range-topping version, diesel, 4×4 and automatic gearbox, which does not have an electric sunroof and tailgate, costs €41,690. Catalog value, excluding discounts. Believe us, it is simply unbeatable.


In short, SsangYong Korando has only two obstacles to the success worthy of the name: the gasoline engine killed by taxes, and the dealer network does not exist in large parts of the country.

SsangYong Korando Onyx 1.5 T-GDI 4WD Auto
Engine 4 I don’t eat. turbo petrol, 1.497cc
Powerful 163hp at 5,000 rpm
A couple 260Nm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm
0-100km/h CN
Steps 193 km/h
Usage 8.6L/100km
Test average 9.2l/100km
CO2 198g/km
Price 35.990€