Sports products will be those that drive an electric car

Sports products will be those that drive an electric car

They will be the ones to promote technological development by investing in new, productive and supportive technologies. They are the ones who need the most distinction from their electric vehicles to justify their additional costs. By this time there are already major technical differences.

The technology in electric cars it is much higher today than it was a few years ago. data Show that in more than a decade energy congestion Found multiply eight. And as they increase the penetration of their market, the investment of car manufacturers will continue to increase and so do they technological development expected to continue steadily.

But little by little things become clear. Some developers invest new platforms special for electricity, domestic the engine itselfin promoting technology related to battery and in other aspects. And some manufacturers take the opportunity to pass more easily and easily nutrition yes third party features.

Independent investment in technology development is led by premium manufacturers.

An electric car will not break the difference between general, premium and sports products

Due to the fact that electric cars they have a much lower component than a mechanical vehicle, which seemed like their arrival would go. delete the difference which have always existed between the general manufacturer, payment manufacturer and dedicated car brand sports or big cars.

But now that usually Europe and the United States begin the media developers, and who almost unanimously have announced their approach transition for an electric car, this issue is also becoming increasingly clear. Little by little, traditional car brands are becoming, albeit in moderation, too technology companies. Or looking for the best ‘partners’ as distributors, or by investing in other partners who provide them with special technology.

Already at this time, when the electric car is still ‘very green’and not in the sense of ecology but because of its development, they exist visible differences between ‘low cost’ of electricity, electricity from wholesale brands, electricity from the best brands and electricity from manufacturers based on sportsmanship. Dacia Spring has nothing to do with Nissan Leaf, or Skoda Enyaq iV, or Porsche Taycan.

The technical differences between the electrical equipment are very large, though not very well incorporated.

Current technical differences between electric vehicles

Right now, two electric cars differ for key technical features such as chemistry of your battery cells, regardless of their capacity, weight and size; also for its benefits alternative or by the power of your system regenerative brakes. At the engine level, not only power and torque matter, as before the electric car, but also type of electric motor.

There are other important differences as well architecture of your electrical systemfor its voltagesystem heating or, of course, and perhaps one of the most important components, and the system refrigerator of battery. All of these are variations that replace those that existed between one heat and another, in the simple fact of being warm or, now, in the simple fact of being electric.

And in addition to all the other pre-existing variations, regardless of the type of car mechanics –such as acoustic insulation, moving quality, chassis behavior, interior characteristics, etc.-, electric cars have enabled interests and development aerodynamicseven carry systems active aerodynamics reach part.

Sports car brands need more variation from their electronic models.

Sports car products will be the ones that drive the technological advancement of the electric car

For many years I have been working in the industry consumer technologyand history repeats itself gradually in automotive industry. At the time they were Samsung, Apple or Huawei –among others, of course those who made one significant investment in technological development and, in most cases, served as third-party equipment vendors. Samsung designed the reference screen and used it in its latest high-end phone, but years later it ended up with low-end phones from competing manufacturers.

In the automotive industry we have already seen how Volkswagen Group invests in the development of a special electric motor platform, such as SEMand later it ends commitment to Ford for use in their electric vehicles. and we saw porsche introduce for the first time 800V architecture in Porsche Taycan, although Hyundai and KIA were quick to respond similarly to their E-GMP platform.

One of the highlights is that sports car brands are those more need to distinguish and find a well-known product; a product of reference at a technological level that justifies additional costs. They are the ones who have the most pressure on their shoulders Push forward in technological development. And that explains that porscheFor example, you do investment of millionairesamong other things, in the development of silicon batteries or of course solid state batteries.

It was with Porsche that, for the first time, we heard about ‘cars with lasting excitement’. He introduced this concept for the first time in the field of electric cars, making it visible, because it is important for sports car brands to have high technology for electric vehicles ‘standard’. And they should be, a priori, those who, through domestic investment and through investment in third-party companies, promote the development of new technologies applied to electric vehicles. But, like the 800 V architecture, they will be technologies that are gradually adopted by low-level cars.

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