“spicy city car” under a magnifying glass

“spicy city car” under a magnifying glass

Who said electricity can’t sing with pleasure? Not a Cupra, at any rate…

  • Estimated price : from €25,000
  • Markets : 2025

It has already been accepted as the group’s electric city cars volkswagen will be based on the same platform and will be produced in a factory Martorell, near Barcelona. Of all of them, the impatient one seems to be the one carrying the brief cup.

Compared to the first highly disguised concept presented in the Munich Motor Show 2021, UrbanRebel has a huge amount calm down leaving his big fin in the holes and choosing a 5 door body. A true city dweller!

Urban Rebel it does not ask many metaphysical questions about its mode of propulsion. He will do it 100% electric and will be based on the MEB Sub-platform. Cupra relies on increased cell density to hopefully achieve 440 kilometers of freedom were declared.

The effect of a modern sports car

Currently, the brand is not communicating battery capacity but shows it with pride 226 hp of the critic. What to achieve 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds. Unless you pass the engine torque down. Because UrbanRebel assigns the front axle with traction to generate.

Vehicle dimensions Height of 4.03m (the length of a Renault Clio), but almost 2 meters wide with its luxury mirrors (currently non-folding), and a height of 1.58 m.

Between it large 21-inch wheels (in 2025, the Cupra should be more common), the wheelbase measures 2.6 m. His biography ends with a long-term aerodynamic damage which emphasizes the very compact side of the city car.

As usual with the Cupra, the edges are marked, fade out and then start again. Welcomeand full LED lights and the signature of the triangle, the front face takes the sign of the shark’s nosedear Cupra.

inside the plane, breathable sports and solid bucket seats whose central mesh is made from a 3d printing. Some parts are available through this technology. The dashboard is normally directed towards the driver and a digital instruments it actually worked. However, digitalization continues further onUrban Rebel.

Of invisible matrix tiles when not in use it can simulate many effects while moving; this over the entire width of the windshield or under the windows on the front doors. It is therefore possible to display indicators of the direction of the navigation system, to emphasize the feeling when the driver is using it. the effect of adding oyou’re still reporting the risk in one of the most obscure places…

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The opinion of Auto Magazine

With its UrbanRebel concept, Cupra explores digitalisation, 3D design but above all forges its sporty image a little more. Its powerful styling and powerful electric motor leave little doubt: to get the UrbanRebel on its ground, the competition will have to show its fangs.