soon shortage of diesel additives?

soon shortage of diesel additives?

Ammonia, necessary for the production of AdBlue, may soon become scarce in Europe.

AdBlue is an additive that diesel cars use to control harmful NOx emissions. When your car is serviced, it can be topped up: your catalytic converter then uses around 1 liter per 1,000 km. But the increase in the product can cause distribution problems in Europe.

Indeed, ammonia, an important component of AdBlue, is produced more and more rare. Its manufacturing process requires large amounts of methane. And this gas has seen its prices explode. This forces some ammonia producers to stop production. Three leading experts in Europe, Slovak Duslo, Italian Yara and German SKW Piesteritzalready stop or significantly reduce their production.

AdBlue prices have increased by 5!

Therefore, the prices of AdBlue are exploding: sometimes they are multiplied by 5 in Europe ! To deal with the situation, some countries are increasing their reserves, such as Slovenia, which has imported 500,000 liters of the product. It must be said that a general shortage of AdBlue can seriously damage the economy. In addition to stopping passenger diesel cars, the lack of additions can to punish overweight people, who are the biggest users of AdBlue. No heavy trucks, no shipping of goods…

Between the rise in oil prices, the shortage of semiconductors, that of magnesium, and that it is approaching AdBlue, the post-Covid recovery is therefore very difficult for the automotive industry.


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