“Sometimes we criticize the FIA, but in these cases …”

“Sometimes we criticize the FIA, but in these cases …”

Carlos Sainz, who saved himself from photographs of the Zhou Guanyu crash during the red flag at Silverstone, recalled, like Sergio Pérez, the FIA’s key role in security in System 1.

Winner of his first Grand Prix Sunday, in Silverstone, carlos sainz he pondered how he dealt with his feelings during the red flag that came immediately after the first start. The Spanish pilot chose to ignore the recurrence of the crash Zhou Guanyuwho Alfa Romeo overturned before collapsing between the tire wall and the first corner fence.

The Chinese driver emerged unscathed from the mysterious vehicle but the second start of the Grand Prix was made just an hour after the crash, causing a difficult waiting period for drivers, as well as concerns about their colleague’s health and that ofAlexander Albonalso a victim of an accident at the beginning and hospital a few hours later. Choosing to abstain from such images, Carlos Sainz discovered the incident by seeing the destination announced before the stage ceremony.

“I made the decision not to see the accident”explains the pilot Ferrari. “When the red flag was raised, I knew there must be a great shock, but I did not look at the screen. Of course, I was very happy to see Zhou get out of the car without any problems, but when I saw that on the platform, I was completely shocked. Unbelievable, this accident, and the fact that he left also. “

“I find it strange that we can get out of this. Sometimes we criticize the FIA, but in these cases, we must congratulate them for all they have done to help us. [dimanche]. So we must pay tribute to the good work they are doing in terms of security. “

Pérez remembers the dangers posed by pilots

Second in the race Sergio Perez he took a different view and inspected the accident initially as soon as the incident was interrupted by a red flag. Mexican realizes, however, that it was difficult to put these images aside when returning to the song.

“I knew there was an accident, but I was in the back of the garage, I was looking at the screen and they showed up.”says the pilot Red Bull Tournament. “I was very surprised, it’s been a while since you saw an accident like this and it’s hard to see it, trying to erase it from your memory and focus on what we have to do. “I don’t know if any photographers are in danger, so we have to see if we can make F1 safer for everyone.”

“When you hear people talking about a reduction in drivers’ salaries … We’re the ones taking the risk here, doing the show. So I don’t think it’s a good thing to talk about F1 in the future. Most importantly, no one was injured.”

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