Soft body on the law will prevent Audi and Porsche

Soft body on the law will prevent Audi and Porsche

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THE Ferrari and mercedes he denied reports circulating in the paddock that the current manufacturers of formula 1 postponed the 2026 regulation of power units to make life more difficult for Porsche and Audibrands that are already announcing that they want to enter the category.

Two brands of Volkswagen Group they are linked to potential tickets as team suppliers. Porsche would join the project Red Bull Powertrains and Audi would develop its own power unit and own part of the Sauber, today race as Alfa Romeo. However, no company wants to confirm its commitment until the 2026 regulation is made official by FIA.

Rumors were even that Porsche would use it Austrian GPthe home of Red Bull, to announce a partnership with Taurus, something the brand moved to due to incomplete regulation.

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Some important points to 2026 regulations it includes concessions in certain areas to new entrants, such as additional use of dynamite relative to established brands. Sources in the paddock suggest current manufacturers are in no rush to sign off on the rules, as a delay could give Audi and Porsche less time to prepare.

However, Mattia Binotto and Toto WolffThe bosses of Ferrari and Mercedes insisted that they have agreed to leave MGU-H out of future regulation, which is a requirement of the VW Group, signaling that they are ready to offer incentives to new entrants.

“We have a positive opinion about Audi and Porsche coming to F1. That is good for the category, good to have more manufacturers. It is good to have the VW Group in business and in competition”, announced Binotto when asked by about the subject.

“I think we have done everything possible to deal with the situation and make them happy. We got rid of the (MGU-)H, we did it to help whoever wants to get to F1. Believe me, for us, taking the H would not be our best choice.

This is a compromise, because we know the technology well. It is a high efficiency technology, which is good for F1. But if we think in general, we are very positive and constructive”, he continued.

“Now why is it taking so long? Because it is the time needed to fix these things. And we are not ready at the moment. Not only us as the current manufacturers but the FIA ​​because they are in charge. And I also think that for Audi and Porsche the current regulations are not ready , there are still clear points that need to be addressed, discussed and reached”, said the director of Ferrari.

Toto Wolff, Team Principal and CEO, Mercedes AMG

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sports Pictures

Wolff insisted that Mercedes need to see the final regulations. “On the contrary, we don’t need to postpone the rules, but we want them to be in a good place,” the Austrian said.

“We released H, which is a big deal to take on new stakeholders. And yet, we were told that by the end of the year [2021], we would have proof that they would join us. This confirmation has not been given until today, I don’t know why”, he declared.

Wolff suggested that the new members are very focused on the final confirmation of the rules: “This is an environment where the rules will change all the time, so you can’t make it depend on the rules. Take the final steps on the rules. ,” he said.

“It’s more detailed stuff and it doesn’t matter if we’re discussing 50 dyno hours for the next brand, but we’d like to have them as part of the show. They’ve been sitting around the table discussing these principles for a while now, but they haven’t committed yet.”

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