Sochaux plant: Stellantis reference sites

Sochaux plant: Stellantis reference sites

Stellantis Factory – Sochaux

200 million euros invested in the site, to transform its workshops and make it a champion of electric mobility, as part of the implementation of the strategic plan Dare Forward 2030. The factory has been thoroughly redesigned with workshops and a new collection of pedals with 4.0 equipment making it the most efficient site in Europe for the production of high-energy SUVs. New equipment designed for the men and women who work there with great ergonomic development. Sochaux, one of Stellantis’ historic sites, bears witness to France’s industrial heritage since 1912 with 24 million cars manufactured, from the Peugeot 201, 402, 203 or 504 to the latest 3008 and 5008 models..

“Sochaux, a historic site, had to be a site of excellence, a reflection of Stellantis’ industrial ambitions,” declared Arnaud Deboeuf, Chief Production Officer. It is with this intention that the Sochaux 2022 project was carried out, a transformation project aimed at making the Franche-Comté site the most efficient site in Europe for the production of high-energy SUVs.

Five years of work were needed to think, design and implement a new organization of the production flow, the most significant change since 1930. The production flow has been completely redesigned and its real estate footprint has been reduced by half to focus on the level of performance. necessary to achieve the goals of Dare Forward 2030 and contribute to reducing CO emissions2.

A new stamping workshop was launched in 2019, with a dynamic and flexible line enabling the production of different parts with a single press stroke with an investment of 33 million euros, the first in France for twenty years.

The assembly, installed yesterday in five workshops, has been repositioned this year in the center of the site and completely renewed for efficient production with a capacity of 400,000 cars per year, which makes it, together with Mulhouse, the two largest car production units. in France. In order to improve the investment envelope and therefore the economic performance of the vehicles produced, the best solutions have always been preferred, such as installation in a building upgraded to current standards or the reuse of industrial equipment found in other sites.

The logistics of the site takes into account the greatest technological development, with the installation of a 25-meter-long crane, capable of real-time control of the parts arriving at Sochaux every day. The first in our European industrial environment.

The next step is the adaptation, which is already underway, of a suitable workshop capable of handling the STLA Medium electric platform and future vehicles produced in Franche-Comté. Considerations are also underway for a new paint shop.

About three thousand employees have changed their working environment in the last year, to join a cleaner workshop, more pleasant to live in and more work stations. ergonomic to allow the best level of quality. An ambitious training program enabled to support this change and the implementation of the new Team2Win organization within the framework of the Stellantis Production Way, our new improved production system.

These major changes were the subject of joint construction work with social partners, who were involved in this project very early on.

Sochaux 2022 has benefited from the innovation support program from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and the Pays de Montbéliard collection has acquired 44 hectares of open land, as part of the development project. development of industrial areas.

Sochaux is also home to some development and testing activities, notably at the Belchamp Technical Center. Sochaux’s engineering teams are therefore fully invested in the development of the STLA Medium electric platform.