SNC Marcadier: grow old!  – Charente

SNC Marcadier: grow old! – Charente

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Two brothers began their careers in the design and manufacture of kitchens, mainly for private individuals. They create them, produce them, ready with this love of a job well done. Their company, created in 1997 in Châteauneuf, “turns well”. The market is growing rapidly and the demand does not dry up. And then, one day, “in 1995”snaps Dominique back with a smile, “I’m building my first car, for a friend”. To understand: it inherits the chassis (and a little more) from the Amilcar CGSS and renews the entire wooden structure (the one that, once covered by its bodywork, gives these old cars a new youth). “It’s a car shaped like a shell”, notes the mechanic, whose office is full of small cars, retro models, placed on shelves. Hundreds of carefully parked little wonders that reflect the passion of these two greats for the world of cars. “But as soon as I finished this unprecedented recovery, I said to myself ‘never again'”, laughs Dominique Marcadier. Not yet. The love of good cars is stronger than its apparent cause. A few months later, he found himself buying a 5HP Citroën convertible at the Cognac flea market.. “I saw a friend, during Remparts, running with him, it made me want to”. He does it again “from A to Z”. Plan, wood, upholstery, mechanics, everything goes. At the end of all these hours of work: the pleasure of putting on the road with this buzzing machine. “I saved it for a long time”punctuates Dominique. “I did 20,000 kilometers with it”, says the technician who, after fixing one of the three, decides to present them for exhibition. Faced with positive feedback from experts, the two brothers decided to start slowly in this market. Of the six workers in the workshop, two change from job to job “the kitchen” for old cars. Other workers enjoying this enthusiasm under their superiors, leave one by one. In 2007, the company moved into new premises in Fléac. Stéphane and Dominique are now the only two and are now fully committed to restoring vintage cars. Visit dedicated salons, including Epoqu’auto, a favorite, in Lyon. The event has been launched.

Million dollar examples

Here, no program is offered on the computer. Paper and pencil reign supreme.

Photo by Quentin Petit

In their workshop, which does not have any digital machines, amazing cars rub shoulders: Lorraine Dietrich B36 “six cylinders”, Renault KZ10, Citroën B12 or even Lagonda. Some of these old ladies come from restoration workshops, some from private individuals, some from collectors. Sometimes not much remains of these century cars. In order to recreate its structure, sometimes it is necessary to go in search of the original plans, delete the dimensions. Research efforts that are an integral part of the activity. Structures are made only of ash wood. Who, the carpenter’s faith, does not know inflation. “It is as durable as oak but twice as heavy”points out Stephanie.

In the middle of their common garage, where the sleeping beauties are enshrined, the two brothers, who work an average of 250 hours on each car, admit to sometimes being amused by the world that confronts them. Among their customers, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes wealthy, there are also ” sponsors who predict the market of old cars which is difficult to find a crisis. As the owner of a Talbot Goutte d’eau, the repair of this car must cost around 850,000 euros. For sale again, “its price easily borders on 3 million euros”.

Regarding the success of the Marcadier brothers, “ value added is also done up of the workforce”. Normally “between 6,000 and 50,000 euros by car, says Dominique.

Dominique and Stephane Marcadier.
Dominique and Stephane Marcadier.

Photo by Quentin Petit

In a market somewhat disrupted by covid and Brexit, the two brothers continue to quietly chart their course. The competition, a myth about their industry, cannot scare them. From Switzerland to the United States, customers from all over the world will keep calling. Come and get this knowledge of French so Charenteis. Reverse aging!


Double fire Phaeton, Bugatti 40, Lombard AL3, Type A Citroën… In total, some 270 vintage cars have passed through the company’s hands.