Smart Electric Drive: Reviews, Test, news…

Smart Electric Drive: Reviews, Test, news…

Eco-friendly city car: Smart Electric Drive

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is the best electric car in big cities. Small in size, it is practical when parking in a high-density city.

It has managed to embody urban beauty since it arrived on the market in 1997. Sixteen years after its production launch, the Smart has maintained its interior and exterior design but has not stopped evolving and improving. cope with an ever-changing industry. where innovation remains a key factor in combating the sluggishness of the still ailing auto market. Today, consciences are changing and Smart is launching the production of their city car with 100% electric power.
Can we really improve our mobility in favor of electric energy?

A new era is approaching

The main brake for users is battery life. During long journeys, electric vehicles face this big problem and the battery charging infrastructure is also not widespread in France and Europe. However, a new era is fast approaching. Many projects are carried out in the regions of France. At the departmental level, the projects are primarily carried out by energy agencies that join with municipalities to create a network throughout the region. The two best known, SIEIL (Indre et Loire) and SyDEV (Vendée), will be the first to deploy a network of stations by the end of the year, but they are far from the only ones. At the Regional level, major projects are carried out by Regional Councils. Nord Pas de Calais is therefore preparing to deploy 580 charging points on its territory by the end of the year. Ultimately, the region plans to close 1,250 stations by 2015.

Property for many French people

Smart Electric Drive is a car that has many advantages next to a thermal energy car. Its standard power is 30 Kw, or 40.8 hp with a maximum power of 55 Kw. Its range is 145 kilometers and charging time is 1 hour for fast charging and 8 hours for standard charging. Its top speed reaches 120 km/h and the price of this car with battery after deduction of the ecological bonus is €17,500 plus tax. This car belongs to many French people since the average daily distance in France is 55 km. The main comparison between an electric car and a thermal energy car is about the end use. Indeed, the Smart with its small size and PTAC weight, made you save your fuel consumption, but today it is no longer €1.70 per liter of Unleaded but €2 for recharging your Lithium-ion battery. Can we really ask for more than what the Smart Electric Drive offers? Maybe, but it’s definitely not a fuel car.

It perfectly matches the parameters of car sharing

Car sharing is now a new way to get around easily in big cities. Electric vehicles are available for users of this service.

What are the main benefits?

The car fleet remains large with at least 130 cars and parking spaces reserved for them. So it is very easy for these cars called “autolib” to find a parking space. Smart Electric Drive is a real city car can also drive on the highway. It perfectly matches the parameters of car sharing. The smart electricity version will make the people of Paris, Marseilles and Lyonnais happy and will contribute to reducing the pollution that is so prevalent in the urban landscape. So Smart is one of the actors helping to change minds.
Today, the electric Smart is the best partner for the residents of big cities. It will accompany you in your business trips, your entertainment and all your daily tasks.

Cedric AMATO