Smart christened its new car the Smart #1, although it is not the first of its kind

Smart christened its new car the Smart #1, although it is not the first of its kind

Last September, the Smart brand surprised many by presenting its urban SUV concept. The name “#1”, which was thought to be a temporary nickname, is now official. But why this choice?

Naming its model “#1”, Smart seems to want to erase the past with its smart ForTwo, with its smart EQ version. Asking option. This model is not the first Smart, nor the first electric Smart, as the brand has already changed its entire inventory to 100% electric since 2019… So, where does this desire to change names and this model come from?

One might think that the brand is following the trend set by a few manufacturers such as Volkswagen (with its ID range) or Kia (with “EV”). But this new name must above all mark the revival of the brand in its relationship with the Chinese Geely.

The name of this new trend is also influenced by the success of hashtags on social networks. The new Smart #1 wants to be at the top of fashion and influence.

Nod also to the buzz effect of hashtags

Mr. Daniel Lescow, vice president of sales, marketing and worldwide after-sales of Smart Automobile, explains this option in these words in Smart’s press release: “The first of the products launched on the market after the brand renewal, smart #1 represents the perfect union between electronic driving technology and a quality brand image. I am convinced that smart #1 will be a great success with its future customers, in China and Europe, bringing a new direction to urban mobility and increasing the brand image of all those who have contributed to its arrival in each of its markets.

smart #1 in winter test // Source: smart

A good fake idea?

If on the surface, the name may seem logical, because it is the first example of a new era, it joins us in a series of selections that should be considered more within the international teams.

No. 1 should not suffer a lot of ridicule, as is the case with the “e-tron” series (turd for dirty spirits) from Audi in France, but the model will not make life easier for customers and sellers. How to pronounce the name of the model and make it understandable to their interlocutor: “Smart 1”, “smart sharp 1”, “hashtag 1”, “hash 1”? And besides, do we say “un” or “one” in France? The possibilities are too many to risk creating a little confusion.

smart #1 in winter test // Source: smart

We also have a sympathetic idea for SEO and monitoring agencies, which will have to work on this model. Smart #1 clearly does not make their job easy, because behind this name hides real technical problems in these digital professions. It’s a real banana peel.

Other than the name, some details about the Smart model #1

If we are talking today about Smart #1, it is because the tests in real conditions have continued. Models were tested in northern China in cold conditions, reaching -40 °, to confirm the endurance and efficiency of the model, regardless of the conditions. This is one of the most important articles in the development of all vehicles.

smart #1 in the wind tunnel // Source: smart

What we currently know about the model is that it is a 4.29 m electric urban SUV, similar to the Peugeot e-2008 in length for example. Its air permeability coefficient (Cx) is given at 0.29, which is the same as the new Megane e-Tech, and rather a good base for a small SUV. The platform comes from the Chinese partner Geely, even if the design is signed by the Mercedes-Benz teams. The prototype will be made in China. Its commercial launch in Europe should take place this year.