Smart #1 is (finally) hitting the market

Smart #1 is (finally) hitting the market

Smart #1 will go on sale in early 2023 with the first products a few days later. And Daimler France guarantees that orders will match the vehicles in stock. The way to justify the postponement of the announcement of the sale of this new opus Smart. Note that this Smart #1 is manufactured in China by Geely, Daimler’s partner, on the SEA (Sustainable Experience Design) platform. Which will also be used by… Volvo and Link for the respective city SUVs also made in China.

Good presentation

We discovered this Smart #1 without being able to open its doors, at the Munich Motor Show in the summer of 2021. When the press kit was released in April 2022, we were finally able to take a seat on board, but still without driving. Therefore we could not judge the quality of materials and services in assembling interior furniture components, including body work. Our review today: the set has no problems with resistance to its quality.

A few reservations right: this is a pre-production model that has been doing a “European tour”, for almost a year. As proof, we want the counter indicators on the dashboard and the central tablet, to be displayed in Mandarin. Aesthetic but not really informative! This latter should be compatible with the Pro Premium version. So, the finished version and the Launch Edition available in 1,000 copies for the launch in France in early 2023. And the LLD offer offered in partnership with ALD Automotive. The lessor has recently signed an exclusive European contract.

Still very (too?) strong

Note that the height of this Smart #1 reaches 4.27 m, with a width of 1.82 m, a height of 1.64 m and a wheelbase of 2.75 m. Once you sit behind the wheel or even in the back seats, the feeling of space is there, without spoiling the capacity of the trunk at 411 l. Unless you retract the rear seat completely, which slides by 13 cm, the only position that allows adults in the second row. The trunk then shows only 323 l, not counting the volume of the spare wheel.

In terms of mechanics, this Smart #1 is propulsion, with a 200 kW/272 hp electric motor with 343 Nm of torque. But the lower version of the muscle should also be in the list of misleading, more “profitable”, companies. The minimum speed limit is 180 km / h. In turn, 0 to 100 km / h is transported in 6.7 s. The battery has a capacity of 66 kWh, ensuring a range of 420-440 km in WLTP. The onboard charger is 22 kW AC and 150 kW DC.

Smart #1