Smart # 1 electric SUV: China prices have been adjusted

Smart # 1 electric SUV: China prices have been adjusted

With the compact SUV # 1 compact, Smart is restarting as a subsidiary of Mercedes and Geely. Prices in China for the largest and most powerful brand models have so far been set.

At 4.27 meters, the production version of Smart # 1 is similar to the VW Golf VIII, but at 2.75 meters it has a wheelbase which is 13 centimeters longer – the electric motor takes up less space than a petrol or diesel engine, which creates space for passengers. In height and width (1.82 meters), the new Smart is about the size of VW ID.3, but at 1.64 meters it is about seven inches high. The weight of the curb is given about 1,820 kg.

The No. 1 has another thing in common with the Wolfsburg electric compact: the rear wheel drive. The rear engine – here Smart stays true – has an output of 200 kW, which is 272 hp. Smart wants to deliver it in two versions: The standard version is used in entry-level designs, while the electric drive in the more expensive versions # 1 works with silicon carbudi technology. This should provide effective benefits and thus increase diversity.

It charges quickly for less than 30 minutes

A battery with a capacity of 66 kWh sits between the axles at the bottom of the Sustainable Electrical Architecture (SEA; more precisely SEA Entry) from partner Mercedes Geely. The lithium-ion battery provides a WLTP range of 420 to 440 km. With 22 kW alternating current (AC), the battery charges from 10 to 80 percent for three hours. For a fast charger, this can be done “in less than 30 minutes” with 150 kW. Charging cables (CCS and Type 2) are placed under the front flap in the “Frunk” volume of 15 liters. The stem behind the rear gate holds 411 liters.


Reduce to maximum: Soft pilots room with large screen.

The cockpit looks as reduced as possible. Switches and buttons are located almost exclusively on a three-tone steering wheel. The 9.2-inch display display completes the 12.8-inch central screen on the center dashboard. Users can also control actions using voice recognition and AI and personalize the infotainment system. The user can capture data through the app and store it in the cloud. 75% ECU updates come on air. Smart owners can use the digital key to share their number 1 via their peer-to-peer system – and specify what rights users have. The support department includes maritime transport control and stand-to-go function, route maintenance system, as well as high beam assistants, traffic congestion and parking.

It is sold in car dealerships and online

Smart will also sell its cars online as well as sell Mercedes-Benz. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The compact SUV SUV should be replaced in the second half of 2022. The Chinese are already ahead. Smart # 1 can already be ordered there and will be shipped from the third quarter. Two versions of the Pro + and Premium models cost between 190,000 and 230,000 yuan, which currently corresponds to a reasonable price of 27,000 to around 33,000 euros.

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The production version of the smart SUV, which will only be called Smart # 1, shows a few obvious differences from the IAA study. This is not surprising, after all, designers can stop steam and concept cars, when you have to make a few technical agreements with design and production models. The Smart # 1 appearance in the production version is a combination of Mercedes EQA, Opel Adam and Mini Cooper and Tesla. When it comes to size and performance, the number 1 for smart standards brings it to new levels. That should also apply to the price – the electric SUV will certainly not be cheaper here than in China.

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