Small tunnels: the case was dismissed again by the criminal court of Bastia

Small tunnels: the case was dismissed again by the criminal court of Bastia

It will be necessary to wait until March 8, 2023 to finally be judged this dragging file.

After being laid off in February, Criminal Court of Bastia yesterday was to judge four business leaders in the construction sector, suspected of participating in an agreement that distorted competition: Dominique Antoniotti, Jean-Marc Cermolacce, Pierre Natali and Jean-Jacques Vendasi.

They were part of two groups of companies that applied in 2013 for a call for tenders from the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica for the construction of two small tunnels. They are suspected of agreeing to each other to get the contract, one group won the Furiani sub-tunnel and the other Casatorra (CTC canceled these public contracts and launched a new call for tenders which, in the end. , were won by other companies).

The defendants dispute the facts. Their lawyers (Mit is Cynthia Costa-Sigrist, Valérie Lelièvre-Castellorizos, Emmanuel Maestrini, Marc-Antoine Luca, Martine Caporossi-Paoletti and Jean-André Albertini) requested the cancellation of the order. They argue that “The defense has the right to a fair hearing, but the prosecution relies on documents that it considers important but which are not in the discussion because they are not in the file. »

These are the documents that the witness gave during his hearing during the investigation and which should have been included in the attachments, “we are not informed because there is a problem in obtaining them”, they mourn.

“The investigative service submitted the CD in March but it didn’t have the correct attachments. What should the defense have discovered, shows the floor. The defense must be able to discuss it but there is no reason to order the nullity of the procedure because it is only a problem of communication of documents. »

The court dismissed the nullity objections and decided to dismiss the case.