Small sports cars are still affordable in France in 2021-2022

Small sports cars are still affordable in France in 2021-2022

A short and versatile car, an emitting engine, a lively character and, if possible, a small note of music: this is a type of cocktail that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Blame for the increase in car taxes and the increasingly costly damage. And if the removal of the Clio RS and 208 GTI sparked fears of a “snowball” effect, some developers are still protesting. Here are a few fun sports cars that you can still buy in the coming months. Unless you take care of the penalty that awaits you during the shift, which will increase significantly in some structures by 2022.

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Volkswagen Polo GTI

Recently updated, a little German is not cheap. But unlike many of the more recent sports cars, Polo has been “increasing in size” and changing its 1.4 TSI to “big” 2.0 in 2017.. It’s not the most fun thing to drive, but its 4 well-filled cylinders make it the best everyday GT.

  • Price: from € 30,635
  • Specifications: 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo 207 hp / 320 Nm, DSG automatic gearbox mounted.
  • Penalty 2021: € 983
  • Penalty 2022: 1504 €

Mini Cooper S

The appearance of the electronic version of SE did not put its warm counterpart in retirement. The Cooper S therefore remains on the list with, there, too, a more fully charged 2.0 cylinder, which nevertheless lost a few dogs during the jump during remodeling, damage responsibilities.. From 192 hp, the Cooper S fell to 178 hp, but unlike the Polo GTI, it offers a choice of transmission between manual or automatic gearbox. If not an effective monster due to the perfect chassis, the Mini remains a unique personality and atmosphere on board. Not to mention the adjustable dialect, which becomes quite different in its kind.

  • Price: from € 29,800 (5 doors)
  • Details: 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo 178 hp / 300 Nm, manual or automatic dual-gear
  • Penalty 2021: between 75 and 898 € (depending on version and selected materials)
  • Penalty 2022: between 190 and 1386 € (depending on version and selected materials)

Ford Fiesta ST

If there is one international manufacturer that has not abandoned the heat engine sports cars, it is Ford. On all floors, you will find a version of Ford Performance : GT, F150 Raptor, Mustang, Focus and Fiesta offer an impressive panel in the automotive world that is speeding up its electric revolution. The Fiesta ST is even more impressive that it offers a three- or five-door function. Note also the existence of a common variation of Quaife mechanical binding. At once, the little Ford is for those who love to drive, combining efficiency with a fully playful attitude.. Enjoy!

  • Price: from € 26,990 (three or five doors)
  • Description: 3-cylinder 1.5 turbo 200 hp / 320 Nm, manual gearbox
  • Penalty 2021: € 540
  • Penalty 2022: € 983

Hyundai i20N

The Korean manufacturer is the latest to enter the category of 100% petrol sports cars with i20 N. It is one of the cheapest models in the segment, but it is also the most punitive and malus. Its four-cylinder 1.6-cylinder turbocharged, with 204 hp and 275 Nm. Above all, it is one of the rare models to have a real mechanical DGL (small sliding variant) on the front axle, while its competitors sometimes beat phone. Electronic fairy to control the arrival of torque and to maintain motor skills. It shows a lot, the i20 is on the watch side as it is on the mechanical side. What distinguishes it from the competition. On the other hand, forget the comfort.

  • Price: from € 27,800
  • Description: 4-cylinder 1.6 turbo 204 hp / 275 Nm, manual gearbox
  • Penalty 2021: € 1276
  • Penalty 2022: 1901 €

GR Yaris case

GR Yaris is different in this selection. More expensive than others, Japanese boxing on the other hand in another category. Its 262 hp 3-cylinder cylinder pushes like a buffalo at any speed while the chassis swallows and / or cuts everything it finds in its path. All this with amazing efficiency for the best driver of all wheels. If you can crack and love its look, don’t hesitate for a second, this GR is one of the best 21st century sports cars!

5 reasons why Toyota GR Yaris is so unique

  • Price from € 35,600
  • Details: 3-cylinder 1.6 turbo 262 hp / 360 Nm, manual gearbox
  • Penalty 2021: € 7,851
  • Penalty 2022: € 10,011

“Mini” games.

Let’s not forget the small sports cars such as the Suzuki Swift Sport and Abarth 595. The first one is the quietest with its 130 horsepower capacity, but it also has the lowest tariffs on registration, and the cheapest with its 1.4 turbo micro-hybrid . The Italian, meanwhile, is nearing the end of his career after more than 10 years of work. Its four-cylinder 1.4 T-Jet grows between 145 and 180 hp depending on the version, and prices play divisions: between € 20,790 per entry level, and up to € 35,990 for 695 Essessse and its smoke.Akrapovic, its capable detector replaced by a binding variant. As long as the price, the penalty can be stopped immediately as it is in 2021 for € 1504 at Essesse at the automatic box. Next year it will increase to € 2205.