Slowing down on the highway, a green measure to start the school year?

Slowing down on the highway, a green measure to start the school year?

Green MPs plan to include a lower speed limit on motorways in future climate legislation, expected this fall.

In France, we don’t have oil, but we do have ideas. With the new energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the beginning of the school year 2022 will look like the year 1973. During his televised interview on July 14, the President of the Republic announced the implementation of “great stability” so that “we can position ourselves of little use”.

The priority is to save electricity, in the face of the fear, this time very real, of blackouts. In particular, the administration will be asked to reduce the temperature or reduce the light. Major supermarket chains have also committed to take this type of measure from October 15. Mr and Mrs Toulemonde will also be encouraged to make a gesture, which will allow them both to prevent juice cuts and lower bills. There should also be, like in 1973, a communication campaign to avoid scavenging!

And in terms of oil? So far, nothing has been announced. At this point, there are no 36 solutions to save money: you have to cut back. Everyone is already free to do so in order to reduce their consumption and thereby improve their freedom with a very expensive full tank. But can we go through the barrier, and drop the speed limits?

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Model of 1973

Going back a bit: in 1973, a 100 km/h limit was set on the road. This is not related to the oil shock, a reflection carried out for several years, and accelerated by the epidemic of road deaths in 1972. On the other hand, the oil shock will help the government to pass the pill. And it will encourage the implementation of the 120 km / h limit on the roads. This will be raised for a few months to 140 km / h, according to the will of Georges Pompidou, before being updated to 130 km / h at the end of 1974.

So no change since… until 2022 with its new oil shock? Obviously, the subject will be invited in the news of the beginning of the school year. In an interview given to Le Parisien, deputy green Sandrine Rousseau announces that her group will propose a speed reduction on the road during the study of the climate bill … if the government has not yet preserved this idea.

In 2020, Emmanuel Macron had already completely rejected the lowering of the limit of 110 kilometers per hour on the road, proposed by the Citizens Climate Convention, aware of the unacceptability of the measure, especially after 80 kilometers per hour on departmental roads. But this time, the context is different. Of course there is an economic and energy crisis… and the Head of State has lost his absolute majority in the National Assembly. We may be surprised if the idea is discussed in Parliament!

However, we think that 110 km / h will be very difficult to accept. On the other hand, 120 km / h may be the right compromise. And like in 1973, the energy crisis would help pass the pill!