Skoda makes its revolution – the TURBO version of 09/11/2022

Skoda makes its revolution – the TURBO version of 09/11/2022

Volkswagen.Buzz ID Test, a road trip at the wheel of the Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute, a report on the RUF saga, but also an investigation into the cost of car repairs, this is a summary of the TURBO program. will be broadcast on Sunday September 11, 2022 on M6.

Founded in 1895, Skoda has been making a small revolution for months. Moving away from the image of a low-priced family, the Czech company now offers cars according to the times. This week he visits the headquarters in the suburbs of Prague and looks back at the very rich history of the brand and its immediate future by presenting a new concept and a new visual identity.

(NB: the entire episode is still available on the website on Monday following its telecast on M6)

Correspondent: Simon Potee-Gallini

It’s finally here! Volkswagen ID. The BUZZ is about to go on sale, more than 70 years after the legendary Combi debuted. Meeting with sdion gne successor, now 100% electric but still as endearing. Extra face, full of ideas, but what is this Combi 2.0 really worth? Answer by Simon Potee-Gallini who was able to test it with Turbo.

Journalist: Hello RASTODER

Some builders like to have fun. And at Nissan we have always kept the spirit of a child. As proof, this unusual and unique version of the small Juke crossover. “Juke Rally Tribute” a unique car for its technology, its style but especially for its philosophy. A unique article that you will only see on Turbo. Follow the guide, Safet Rastoder in southern Morocco, near Erfoud…

Journalist: Thomas VERBRUGGHE

With the start of the school year, you may need to do some work on your car. That’s bad, because the price of car maintenance is increasing, like every year. Parts, labor, service, everything is hot, but luckily, some practical or economic solutions can reduce the wallet a little. Complete file by Thomas Verbrughe.

Correspondent: Stéphane CAPELA

We are going to the antipodes of the electric car, with a manufacturer that has built its reputation – and its success – on the preparation of Porsche models (especially the 911). But for over 40 years now, RUF has been a manufacturer in its own right. We traveled to Germany in the Stuttgart area to celebrate a birthday. That of the Yellow Flight, which is celebrating 35 years since its establishment. For that occasion we took his generation: CTR Anniversary.