Skoda Kodiaq (2022), why not buy it and why not buy it

Skoda Kodiaq (2022), why not buy it and why not buy it

If you are looking for a concrete and sensible car but at the same time it is well-designed and that does not make you leave anything in terms of technology and equipment, you will not fail to consider Skoda.

The protagonist of Why buy it today is the beacon of the upper wheels of the House, the Kodiaq, which recently underwent a revision that updated the interior and exterior. This one actually has seven seats, an automatic gearbox and a 1.5 petrol engine under the hood: let us know in detail.

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Pros and cons

We love it We do not like
Ability to stay with the load Small third-row seats that can be used
Driving comfort Soundproofing from noise on the highway
Value for money News photos (to be updated in 2022)


7.6 / 10

There Skoda Kodiaq collects at 4 and 70 meters all the features that are not found in the first family car. For accommodation and space available for passengers and luggage is one of the references in the category, and it makes you feel grateful for a range of interesting items and attractions that are not found in any other car.

Dimensions, trunk and space

Still being restyling, the size of Kodiaq is immutable: it is 4 and 70 meters long, less than 1 and 90 meters wide and 1.70 feet high, but with these square shapes there is plenty of space for all passengers. The shore the bus is about to break the record with 765 liters of low capacity available, which is 850 in a five-seater variant, and a second row of seats that can be slipped longer and adjusted in the rear seats.

Fororganization of the load there are 12V sockets and four hooks and there are also various devices such as a series of movable bulkheads and a split net. If you want to take advantage of seven seats, the package shelf has a double floor space – where the spare wheel is also located – and by using a lever it is possible to fold the rear seats into 40-20-. 40 configuration.

The third row of seats is rather narrow for two adults, so it is best to leave children out for short trips, also because access is not so easy. Second, the opposite is true: even three people travel very easily, with seats that are soft, restrained but wide with enough space for the head, knees and legs which are always plentiful.

The best, however, is travel in four, perhaps using an integrated armrest and headrest equipment made ad hoc for sleeping on the go, a little gem included in the Sleep bag. At the top of the tunnel there is an air vent and on top of this version it is possible to adjust the air temperature. Under three charging sockets: USB type C, 12V and 230 V very comfortable.




4.70 meters


1.88 meters


1.68 meters


2.79 meters



765/850 – 2,065 liters

Dashboard and controls

The pilots’ room Skoda Kodiaq immediately gives a good sense of durability. The conventions is a good, optional material even digital and analogs work well together. If it is a redesign and not a new generation, you can immediately discover from a number of keys that, with the most recent models, it is easy to get connected to infotainment, especially those related to the weather. Functions that are on Kodiaq are still controlled via buttons and rota.

In general, the choice of coating it is prudent in that it is hard in the lower part and softer in the upper part, with beams ranging from fabric to leather through those made of processed material. By redesigning, the 2-spoke steering wheel, standard on all trim levels except for more sports, performs first, as well as new ergonomic seats with ventilation and heat.

Review of Skoda Kodiaq (2021)

As for actions of the passenger compartment, under the central armrest there is a spacious and modular compartment with front gear lever slot where you can store the phone with the possibility of recharge as well as two USB C sockets and one 12 V. The pockets on the doors are large and covered with carpets, on the left side of the steering wheel there is a small hidden compartment while in front of the passenger there are two compartments: a standard drawer, which is not housed inside but stored in the refrigerator, and the top.

Then there are those details usually Skoda such as a trash can, an umbrella attached to the driver’s door and hinges that automatically pop out when the doors open.

How it progresses and how much it spends

As mentioned earlier, the Kodiaq of this experiment is powered by an engine that, if you read the technical data sheet, may appear to be powerless in terms of vehicle size. Ni a 1.5 turbo petrol from 150 hp and 250 Nm of torque combined, in this case, and front wheel drive and al DSG automatic distribution and seven gears, and it is this infection that makes it absolutely useful in all situations.

Regardless of the selected driving conditions, exchange he always tries to use torque and high gears to reduce consumption, and a car that is ready and can pick up speed very well. You start to suffer just a little bit in a bad situation such as in the steepest parts or when you are asked to go overboard but, if you do not have the desire for sports, this combination of engine box is perfectly successful.

Review of Skoda Kodiaq (2021)

When you force your hand, it is the car itself that makes you realize that there is no need to continue because the ground clearance is generous and you can clearly feel the transfer of side load during corner and longitudinal at the break. For about 1,200 euros you can have electronically controlled shock absorbers, which this model does not have but which we would like to try because, for 19 ”wheels, deep holes or even high-marked rails feel enough.

Return to the engine, it is very comfortable silent and even in full acceleration it remains quite away from the cockpit in terms of acoustics: this also applies to the rotation of the tires but not to the aerodynamic rustles. The front of the car is really important and already at high speed there is a lot of tension at the height of the mirrors.

Review of Skoda Kodiaq (2021)

Kodiaq is 4 and 70 meters high and this can be heard moving daily in a city like Rome between traffic and narrow streets. There visibility it is generally good in front and from the side – also because the seat is raised and this makes the overall performance of the body work – but it gets worse in the back: fortunately, however, there are frequency parking sensors and a rear camera on the back. to see.

Chapter use: in the city, in the case of central traffic, you drive less than 12 kilometers per liter of petrol, more than 13 on the road at code speed and more than 15 per liter of urban surplus equals 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Certified version


1.5 turbo petrol


150 hp


250 Nm


7-speed DSG automatically



Prices and competitors

Take home the Skoda Kodiaq used as a base 32,150 euros for a 150 HP 1.5 petrol engine. 190 bhp 2.0 starts at about 45 thousand, while for 245 bhp the most powerful RS reaches 50 thousand euros. For diesel, they range from 38,000 euros for 150 bhp 2.0 to around 47,000 euros for the 200th edition. With the same configuration, a whole-wheel drive costs 2,500 euros more with seven 1,200 seats, and a DSG automatic gearbox. which is common all the time away from less fuelless gasoline. Five versions are available, with a difference of 9 thousand euros between the first and the last.

Review of Skoda Kodiaq (2021)

Kodiaq’s direct opponents are cousins Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace Na Seat of Tarraco which, in addition to having seven seats, they share with Skoda mechanics and equipment. The other two styles that should not be overlooked are Peugeot 5008 and Mercedes GLB, a few inches shorter but with a higher attack price. The French, however, unlike Skoda, also have hybrid engines on the list, as well as Korean Hyundai Santa Fe. In 2022, a new generation of Nissan X-Trail.

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