Skoda Fabia 4: ants from the East

Skoda Fabia 4: ants from the East

A member of the large Volkswagen family for three decades, Skoda has come a long way in recent years. A definite market that you pay for, because Skoda is no longer the best version of last year, even if the quality/price/equipment ratio remains good compared to the competition.

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With the Fabia 4, its most efficient city car with an undeniable success, Skoda is repositioning itself in the best way against its cousins ​​the Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza, which have the same underpinnings and technical features, but each with its own personality.

Skoda Fabia 4 2022: big and easy to live with

Based on the MQB-A0 platform that is also used by the Kamiq urban SUV, the new Fabia 4 is longer and wider than its predecessor. It now measures 4.10 m (+11 cm) by 1.78 m wide and 1.45 m long and its wheelbase has been extended by 9.4 cm, which directly benefits seating capacity.

Despite the brand’s new traditional signature, the redesigned front end with a more attractive grille and its sculpted outline, its shapes rediscover the sharp “cube” design of the previous generation. Bigger and more accommodating with a 380-litre boot, 50 more than the Fabia 3, making it the largest in the segment, the new Fabia 4 includes the latest connectivity and safety technologies and a new touchscreen up to 9.2 inches, online services . , the “Laura” voice assistant or the wireless connection of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are even 5 USB C sockets for charging other electronic devices and smartphones, as well as an introductory charger.

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Skoda Fabia 4 2022: no hybrid model yet

Under the hood, the Czech Ant only offers gasoline engines without any light hybrid. In the event of our test, we set our eyes on the TSi 110 hp with a 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox, an engine box that will represent a lot of sales. The combination of 110 hp 3-cylinder and 7-speed DSG gearbox works well despite the vibrations generated by the gearbox during torque breaks.

In use, the Fabia is very quiet in the cabin and you have to rev it up to hear the purr of the 3-cylinder. On a common basis with the Polo, the Fabia 4 is more comfortable with better handling of road irregularities.

A well-thought-out choice by a manufacturer who sought the best compromise between comfort and handling with a solid suspension.

Skoda Fabia 4 2022: technical specifications

  • L 4.10m – W 1.78m – H 1.45m
    © Laurent Sanson
  • 999cc 3 cylinder petrol engine
  • Power of 110 hp at 5,500 rpm
  • 200 Nm torque at 2000 rpm
  • 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox
  • Boot volume from 380 (5P) to 1,190 liters (2P)
  • Curb weight from 1,192 to 1,339 kg
  • Top speed of 205 km / h – 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 s
  • Combined WLTP consumption of 4.6 l/100 km
  • Consumption claimed at 5.9 l/100 km
  • CO emissions2 from 126 to 135 g / km
  • Price in France 2022 for the tested model of €24,370
  • France 2022 ranges from €16,730 MPi 65 Active to €24,370 TSi 110 Style