Simon Gachet closes the Sprint Cup pole on Saturday at the Magny-Cours Stadium

Simon Gachet closes the Sprint Cup pole on Saturday at the Magny-Cours Stadium

Simon Gachet has won the first sprint of the Sprint Cup weekend race at Magny-Cours.. The French driver of the Vehicle Collection team has placed Audi # 11 in first place after signing the cycle of 1: 36.322, also leading three companies from Ingolstadt on the grid. Charles Weerts with # 32 Audi of the WRT Team and Gilles Magnus with # 26 Audi of the Saintéloc Competition team have been tasked with completing these three teams. Leaders’ Mercedes # 89 will start in sixth place.

Unlike Brands Hatch, the Sprint Cup has a traditional Magny-Cours format and one qualifying session per day, just before each race. which scenario Simon Gachet He was the protagonist of the first classification after setting the best time with # 11 Audi from the Automotive Collection. The Frenchman stopped the clock in 1: 36.322 and defeated Charles Weerts by nearly two-thirds. For its part, Gilles Magnus has placed Audi # 26 in third place to close the three signatures of those rings.

Charles Weerts has done his job and has placed # 32 Audi in second place on the grid.

As happened in Brands Hatch, Ferrari # 53 has been thrown among the best, though without reaching the pillar which he conquered in British lands. With everything, Pierre-Alexandre Jean ranks AF Corse GT3 in fourth placethus also getting a good position in the Money Cup after beating Thomas Drouet, driver of Akkodis-ASP # 87 Mercedes. Behind him was leader Timur Boguslavskiy in a completely unpopular session of the Russian driver # 89 Mercedes, even though he finished tenth from poleman.

In the title where The pillars within the Pro-Am unit have been owned by Miguel Ramos and McLaren # 188 of the Garage 59 team, stitches of one of the biggest championship claims have been revealed. Valentino Rossi fell to the ground with the # 46 Audi on the ‘Grande Courbe’., causing a red flag to be extended for several minutes. Although the former MotoGP rider was able to get out of the car on his own, the Italian and his car partner have a job in front of them.

In fact, Valentino Rossi and Frédéric Vervisch will start in 22nd placejust ahead of Ferrari # 51 and Lamborghini # 18 where Spaniard Isaac Tutumlu competes. The Novamarine GSM team project is not yet complete and Austrian Gerhard Tweraser has not secured the only GT3 of the company from Sant’Agata Bolognese on the Sprint Cup grid. Tweraser finished 3.4 seconds from header already more than a second Louis Michael Ferrari.

Classification of results I GTWC Europe 2022 in Magny-Cours

Photo: GT World Challenge Europe

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