ShowMaker and Kellin Test for COVID-19, DWG KIA Announces Rescheduled Matches

ShowMaker and Kellin Test for COVID-19, DWG KIA Announces Rescheduled Matches

As the 8th and final week of the LCK Summer Split draws to a close, DWG KIA management announces that ShowMaker and Kellin have recently tested positive for COVID-19. The club has taken the necessary measures to try to prevent the spread of the virus and has confirmed that the next matches and schedules will be adjusted.

DWG KIA is also facing COVID-19

DWG KIA is currently 3rd overall in the 2022 LCK Summer Split with a 9-5 record. On behalf of the eighth week of the tournament, the last week of the regular season this summer, DWG KIA must face the formations of Liiv SANDBOX (Bo3 scheduled for Wednesday August 3 at 10 am) and Gen.G (match scheduled Friday August 5 at 1 pm); unfortunately, the team is facing issues with COVID-19 within its staff.

In a statement posted today on social media, we learned that center host Heo “ShowMaker” Su and supporter Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu recently tested positive for COVID-19. The management says in their statement that following this, all the employees and the remaining members of the team went for a PCR test and they are all negative at this time. With the amount of sessions that DWG KIA must play this week, the management announces that “the next matches and schedules will be adjusted” and that the club will focus on the good recovery and health of its players.

Riot Games has implemented new LCK guidelines set before the start of the summer season; More specifically, the South Korean league has given players in the league more control over their participation in matches. In short, if a player tests positive for COVID, they are free to play online from the quarantine facility. If he is sufficiently recovered to participate in the tournament, according to the guidelines, the decision to participate is solely in the player’s hands. All uninfected players, including teammates of a player who has tested positive for COVID-19, will be required to play at the LCK Arena in Seoul, South Korea, as long as their test results are negative. In the event that a player is assessed and decides to play from the quarantine facilities provided for this purpose, the referees will not be on site, but cameras and sound controls will be installed to prevent any fraud from that. These guidelines are in line with those in place during the Spring Split playoffs, a protocol adopted specifically to allow infected players to participate in this important stage of the tournament.

At this time, DWG KIA has not clearly confirmed the decisions made this week, if the team plans to replace ShowMaker with Kellin. At the same time, DWG KIA announces the clearances between its first team and its Challenger team; while Burdol was sent off by the B team, DK.C support Bible joined the main roster as a backup, which may suggest that the club is planning to replace Kellin. no movement has been recorded on the midfield side, but DWG KIA could call up Pullbae, a 17-year-old midfielder in its academy team, as an addition this week to replace ShowMaker.

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