Ship Fire Destroys Lamborghini Aventador Farewell Series;  the factory can continue production |  Curiosity

Ship Fire Destroys Lamborghini Aventador Farewell Series; the factory can continue production | Curiosity

Two weeks ago, a ship carrying 3,965 vehicles of different products, including Porsche, Audi and Bentleycaught fire in the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores Island in Portugal.

The incident is sad for everyone, but for Lamborghini the problem could be even bigger: the last units of the Aventador produced could be destroyed by fire.

O Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae it is a series of 600 farewell units – 360 coupes and 250 convertibles – for the last super sports car to have a conventional V12 engine without electrification.

On board the Felicity Ace were 21 Lamborghini cars, including the Aventador and Russia. However, the amount of each was not disclosed, nor if there was a total or partial loss.

Of the 600 units produced, 350 are revolutionary and 250 are convertible – Image: Disclosure

“We are waiting for official information at the moment. We have informed our dealers and they have informed our customers, because whatever happens, there will be a delay in delivery. We still do not know the final result”, said Andrea Baldi. CEO of Lamborghini America.

“There is always the possibility that, for 600 units, the cancellation of the purchase will allow the replacement of the Aventador, but I prefer to hope that, for now, at least a few Aventadors in the fleet are safe.”

The CEO has not commented on the matter, but there is a chance that the sports car will return to the production line at the Sant’Agata Bolognese plant in Italy to meet buyers waiting for a supercar. All remaining units of adventador the end were sold.

Lambo is planning a replacement later this year, also with a V12 engine, but with a hybrid system.

Customers must face a delay of at least six months in removing the models from the fleet, either to service the damaged vehicles or to issue a new one. “We will inform customers as soon as we have definite information”, concludes Baldi.

The convertible version of the Aventador Ultimae comes in blue color — Photo: Disclosure

The engine for this version is basically the same V12 6.5 as the others, but with 780 hp (40 hp more than the S and 10 hp extra compared to the SVJ). Torque is an impressive 73.4 kgfm at 6,750 rpm. The brand reports zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 355 km/h.

There is a four-wheel drive and the rear wheels are steered, which improves agility at low speeds, as it reduces the room for control, as well as providing greater stability at high speeds. The forged alloy wheels are 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear.

The ship that caught fire caused a loss of approximately R$ 600 million – Photo: Reproduction

The styling includes a revised front diffuser with new intakes and ducts to reduce air intake from the front wheels and increase the amount of air sent to the rear radiators. The rear bumper is also new. Foil can take three positions: closed, high performance or maximum capacity.

In turn, the interior invests in meters and meters of black Alcantara. The Ultimae name is emblazoned on the backs and there is also a plaque near the driver with the numbers of each model in the range.

The Aventador Ultimae coupe has a two-tone grey, with red accents on the front and rear grille. The convertible can come with a carbon fiber hardtop and comes in two shades of blue.

The interior has a black Alcantara finish to the ceiling — Photo: Disclosure

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