sheep block the highway

sheep block the highway

This Saturday, August 27, shortly after midnight, around fifty sheep and goats blocked the traffic lanes of the A34 road towards Charleville-Mézières. This caused a traffic jam.

We don’t know if they validated their ticket or took their Télépéage badge. It’s always like that sheep and sheep apparently he wanted to complete their transhumance quickly. In fact, about fifty of these animals monopolize two traffic lanes of A34 road.

The event took place in the height of Ardennes region, towards Charleville-Mézières. This shortly after midnight this Saturday evening. For good time, animals roamed the tracks. What to cause heavy traffic but also laughter from some neighbors of the scene.

“Our friends were in a jam caused by the group that had run away from their compoundso the resident, Bérangère Holleau, forUnion Reims. Before making sure with humor that no hallucinogenic product has been used Evening.

The sinister act behind the arrival of sheep on the highway?

However, the police were motivated. The national police and the municipal police played the role of shepherds overnight stay. This with the help of the livestock owner and his dog.

The latter also considered that the escape of his animals is not a small matter. He did, indeed, mean it a deliberate act. “There have been several occasions where clowns have had fun putting down electric poles in the compound area.he always declared in the notes quoted byUnion Reims. It must be so funny to see animals save him. »

The event was closed around one o’clock in the morning. It is sufficient to allow the animals to be returned without further damage to their enclosure. Highway users were able to restore their traffic. And a funny story to tell their friends the next day. Or a hard-to-believe excuse to serve their boss if they’re running late…

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