Sera.  “The hardest part starts with Elisabeth Borne”

Sera. “The hardest part starts with Elisabeth Borne”

CASE # 1: You (or someone else) spend more than $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices and / or browsers simultaneously →Stay away from devices and / or browsers you do not use

CASE N ° 2: You are browsing in private →Check out each time before closing the browser window

CASE N ° 3: You are rejecting cookies in your browser settings (or an update has changed your settings) →Change the settings for accepting cookies for your browser

IN ALL CONDITIONS → clicking “continue on this device” solves the problem

What will happen if I click “continue on this device”?
You will be able to enjoy your account on this device and all your other devices will be removed from the account. You can reconnect at any time, within the $ this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit hardware limit.

How can I see connected devices?
Navigate to your customer area and click “Manage devices”. If you go there after clicking “Continue on this device”, there should be only one.