Seixas: ‘Mercedes’ platforms have more to do with Ferrari’s negligence’ – 01/08/2022

Seixas: ‘Mercedes’ platforms have more to do with Ferrari’s negligence’ – 01/08/2022

This Sunday the Hungarian doctor (30) was another example of Mercedes’ response to the season. For the second race in a row, two drivers from the German team took the podium, with Lewis Hamilton second and George Russell third. Although not yet victorious, the team is closing in on Ferrari in the Constructors’ World Cup, something unthinkable at the start of the year.

In Live F1 with Seixas and Flaviois distributed by UOL Esporte immediately after the Formula 1 race, journalists Fábio Seixas and Flavio Gomes praised another face of Mercedes’ response and considered that the team is going through a better time than Ferrari. The Italian Squire accumulates errors and poor results in the final tests.

“One statistic is shocking and we did not expect that at the beginning of the season, especially after the rush that Ferrari made at the beginning of the year. Mercedes has already won more podiums than Ferrari in 2022: nine to eight. Mercedes started. in that. way. scary, with the car flying more of a child and Hamilton with back pain and Ferrari win. Today, Formula 1 goes on holiday with Mercedes scoring more podiums than Ferrari. That says more about Ferrari’s mistakes and negligence than Mercedes’ good work.”, said Seixas

Ferrari has been losing steam in the Constructors’ World Cup. As the leader, the Italian team saw Red Bull win and open an advantage of almost one hundred points (431 to 334). The sharp decline in the team’s performance over the last few races is in stark contrast to Mercedes, which has come close and is now 30 points behind (334 to 304).

In addition to the mistakes made by Ferrari, Gomes highlighted Hamilton’s good driving at the Hungaroring. The seven-time world champion’s routine in recent races caught the attention of the columnist for UOL. “Hamilton started seventh and eventually passed Russell. He did 18 laps on the soft tyres. The Mercedes approach was different for each driver. It was right to put Russell on the soft tires for the start to make sure he didn’t lose. It was Hamilton’s fifth podium in a row .”

For Seixas, it is only a matter of time before Mercedes overtakes Ferrari in the Constructors’ classification. “Ferrari will not catch Red Bull and Mercedes will follow Ferrari. It’s a situation that was unthinkable two months ago. Mercedes has been getting the best classes and results regularly. Hamilton has reached 84 points in the last five races and recently passed Sainz”, estimated the columnist UOL.

Gomes showed how the German team has closed the gap to Ferrari and also predicts that they will soon overtake the rival. “In the last six races, Mercedes has reached 170 points, against Ferrari’s 135. It is a clear growth for Mercedes, which seems to have found a solution to its biggest problem, which was hurry up, a ‘flying’ car. Now, Ferrari will sleep with that worry, because it will be difficult to hold Mercedes.”

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