See how the championship fight continues after the Hungarian GP

See how the championship fight continues after the Hungarian GP


It is a fact or event of journalistic interest. It can be new or recent information. It also refers to a new situation of an already known situation.


Text with many comments. It reflects the opinion of the author, but not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper. It can be written by journalists or experts from various fields.


Reporting that presents unknown facts or episodes, with strong defamatory content. It requires special techniques and resources.

Content Marketing

Editorial content that provides the reader with a shopping experience.


It is an interpretation of information, based on information that goes beyond the facts that have been told. It uses data, brings revelations and estimates of situations, as well as historical context.


Analytical text that interprets the official position of the car in relation to the facts discussed.


It is an institutional issue, which covers the subject of interest for the company sponsoring the report.

check the truth

Content that confirms the truth and authenticity of the information or facts disclosed.


It is an article that brings grants, historical data and useful information to help understand facts or information.


An exciting report that covers, in detail, various aspects and developments of a particular subject. It brings data, statistics, historical context, as well as stories of characters who have been affected by or have a direct relationship with the topic being addressed.

The interview

Approach to a particular subject, in which the topic is presented in the form of questions and answers. Another way to post an interview is through a topic, with the interviewee’s answer given in quotation marks.


In-depth analytical and opinionated writing about products, services and artistic production, in a variety of areas, such as literature, music, cinema and the visual arts.