see examples and new values

see examples and new values

Toyota Corolla (Photo: Advertising/Toyota)

Several brands are increasing the prices of their cars at the beginning of this month of May. And who followed the same path was Toyota. He fixed the prices of four cars. Counting the passenger car line, Corolla, Corolla Cross and SW4 became more expensive. That’s what happened to the Hilux pickup. Check the values!

Toyota’s four most expensive cars (Photo: Disclosure / Toyota)

See the latest Toyota car prices

As you have seen here at Garagem360, some important brands on the national scene have already increased the prices of their cars. Focus on Fiat, Hyundai and Volkswagen. Now it’s time to talk about the Japanese car manufacturer. Counting sales until the end of April, the Toyota it is the third largest selling car brand.

Corolla GR-S (Photo: Publicity/Toyota)

And he raised the price of four very important cars. one of them is Corolla, which is the best seller in its category. It is sold in five versions with the Flex engine. O Corolla GLi It is the cheapest model in the line. it started to cost BRL 146,390 and this increase. Before, it cost BRL 145,350.


The top version is XHey. The amount charged for this car jumped out BRL 151,630 for BRL 152,690. Now it’s time to talk about it Corolla Altis Premium. This car was expensive BRL 174,070. Now the model costs BRL 175,390. Among the Flex cars, the most expensive is Corolla GR-S.

Corolla Hybrid (Photo: Advertising/Toyota)

it’s a cost BRL 176,590. The initial value was BRL 175,350. Now we will talk about the versions with the hybrid-flex system. In general, there are two versions. O Corolla Altis Hybrid it costs out BRL 175,390 now. Before, it cost BRL 174,070. The top version of the car line is Altis Hybrid Premium.

The car was expensive BRL 183,370. Along with the increase, it started to cost BRL 187,090. Note that the Corolla had it 12,835 units sold until the end of April.

Corolla cross

Corolla Cross (Photo: Advertising/Toyota)

Who also has a good performance in the market is the Corolla Cross. Launched last year, it was 14,444 units sold until the end of last month. The car shares a platform with the sedan model and can also be had with two fuel options. First, we will talk about versions with a two-fuel engine.

O Corolla Cross XR (entry version) he did not get an increase. That is, it is still a cost BRL 158,780. At the same time, the version XRE start costing BRL 171,290. Before, it cost BRL 170,250. Recently launched, Corolla GR-S crossover start costing BRL 189,590 after the increase. Initially, their prices started to come out BRL 188,490.

Here we will also find versions with the same hybrid-flex system as the Corolla. the price of Corolla Cross XRV he jumped out BRL 192,380 for BRL 196,290. The most expensive car configuration is XRX combinationwhich costs now BRL 204,190. The original price was BRL 200,160.

Toyota Hilux

Hilux (Photo: Advertising/Toyota)

Today, the best-selling mid-price picture on the market is Toyota Hilux. Interested parties can find the model in single cab, chassis and double cab versions. In the first case, Hilux single cabin 4×4 manual it costs BRL 227,390. Your original price was BRL 224,700.

The price of the second option (single cab chassis) he jumped out BRL 217,050 for BRL 219,590. We will talk about two cabin models now. The price charged by cheap version (STD Power) he jumped out BRL 240,380 for BRL 243,190. is already an example LORD start costing BRL 271,690. Before expenses BRL 268,520.

The range is still in configuration SRVwhich began to cost BRL 289,190. Before, it cost BRL 285,780. The most expensive version of the model is SRX. In this case, the price came out BRL 320,090 for BRL 323,890.

Toyota SW4

SW4 Diamond (Photo: Publicity/Toyota)

Finally, it’s time to talk about Toyota SW4. The most important example is SRX. Your original price was BRL 380,340. it increased to BRL 384,190. This is the only five-passenger version. Some can carry seven passengers. And in this case, cheap version (SRX) it costs BRL 390,790.

Before the increase, it is the cost BRL 386,870. is already an example Diamonds it costs BRL 417,990. Since it was used for expenses BRL 411,770. To close, we will talk about the version GR-S. In this case, the price of this car came out BRL 420,900 for BRL 427,190.

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